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All Pixar Characters Live in the Same Universe

Apr. 28. 2020

Film critic Jon Negroni in 2013 brought into the spotlight a highly debated upon theory about Pixar movies. Ardent Pixar fans will know about Room All3. This is a classroom where many Pixar animators were trained. Many Pixar films have a reference to this room in addition to the Pizza Planet delivery truck.

Disney, however, has spoken very little to confirm the veracity of this theory.

In 2017 Disney released a promotional video on its Facebook page connecting all Pixar movies.

Subsequently, another video was released on the Facebook page for Toy Story.

The videos tie the scenes from the following movies:

A Bug’s Life

Toy Story

Monsters, Inc.

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles


Wall E


Inside Out

Finding Dory


Here are some of the elements from the videos that blatantly exposes the connection between the movies:

Mcqueen rides tires used in Cars are used again in Up to furnish Carl Fredricksen’s tires.

Buzz Lightyear is seen pitching a soda cap in a TV commercial in Toy Story. It is the same cap that Ellie wears as a badge in Up

The girl who watches Carl Fredricksen’s house float in the sky plays has her bedroom filled with toys from Toy Story movies

A child is seen reading “Mr. incredible” in Finding Nemo and seems fascinated by the antics of the superhero.

Finding Dory has a cameo from the homesick protagonist of Inside Out- Riley.

The restaurant, Gusteau’s, from Ratatouille makes an appearance in Cars.

Boo from Monsters, Inc. has a toy Nemo (From finding Nemo).

These are the sly details that validate the truthfulness of the theory. The biggest indication, however, comes from the presence of BnL, a superstore that most Pixar movies showcase. In fact, the chain keeps growing with each film and maintains its presence in Wall E as a ghost company that runs the universe.

Toy Story toys are powered by using BnL batteries.

A news article in finding Nemo picks BnL as a subject.

The racetrack walls in Cars 3 are filled with BnL ads.

BnL was showcased in the 2011 Pixar short story Small Fry where it allowed the characters to buy BnL Burst from a vending machine.

There is enough evidence supporting that Pixar movies are more than connected. The subtext of the context only implies the presence of all these movies in the same universe. What do you think?

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All Pixar Characters Live in the Same Universe

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