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8 Saddest Movies That Will Make You Weep

Feb. 29. 2020

Sometimes holding it all in does not work well. Not all of us can cry easily. And that may cause a feeling of frustration from within. Crying helps to keep you recharged and going.

For those of you who find it hard to cry, here are some tearjerkers that will definitely get the waterworks going.


  1. Sophie’s Choice

Image result for Sophie’s ChoiceCan you imagine a mother having to choose between which of her kids live and which one dies? Piercing isn’t it? This film about choice is set in the backdrop of the holocaust where a mother is forced to do what she has never imagined in her wildest dreams. Every time you think about it, you will cry a little.


  1. Toy Story 3

Image result for Toy Story 3 movieThe third instalment of the Toy Story franchise sees the toys battling an imminent death. They survive as usual but the effort they have to make to keep their life is heartbreaking. The film will give you a nostalgic trip to your childhood while confronting the truth about mortality.


  1. Romeo + Juliet

Image result for romeo juliet movie hollywood As we all know this is the greatest love story ever made. The classic Shakespearean tale takes you through the tragic life of the iconic couple and the sufferings they had to endure.


  1. Mary and Max

Image result for Mary and Max movieSuicidal depression induced by utter loneliness is the theme of this film. The gritty concept is showcased in the most heartfelt manner in this animated feature. If you never cried during an animation film, now is the time.


  1. AI: Artificial Intelligence

Image result for AI: Artificial Intelligence movieHaley Joel Osment plays a robot, who believes he is human. Things get pretty wretched when he is abandoned by his mother and as he mourns we can feel the grief permeating the screen and piercing right through the heart.


  1. The Lion King

Image result for The Lion King movieWhen Mufasa died we all wept like babies. And believe it or not, this will keep happening every time you watch The Lion King.


  1. One Day

Image result for One Day movieAnne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess star in this melancholic flick where they have a tradition to catch up each year for one day. They continue this for around two decades. The film is a slow burn and never has any movie be manipulative in such a positive way.


  1. Never Let Me Go

Image result for Never Let Me Go movieHailsham is an English boarding school with a seemingly idyllic environment. Kate, Tommy and Ruth live in a world which seems relatable yet not so much. This is a poignant love, betrayal and jealousy that will almost tear you up.

8 Saddest Movies That Will Make You Weep

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