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8 Dramas That Will Surely Make You Cry

Apr. 12. 2021

Here are 8 drama movies that are sure to make you cry when you watch them.


A tale of childhood friendship eternalized by the love between two best friends and the performances of Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler. If nothing else, do not underestimate the power of music to tickle the eyes.

Brokeback Mountain

If this poignant account of homosexual attraction between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger does not make you cry, I don’t know what will.

Holland’s Opus

There is always that one teacher in everyone’s life whose words or actions have a huge impact on their life. Have you thanked them for doing it yet? If not, this story about a music teacher will compel you to do so.

The Joy Luck Club

A mother-daughter story that will make you reach for the phone and call your mom once it’s over.


Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts give us the ultimate tear-jerker with their bizarre relationship that takes an unusual turn.

The Lion King

Not just the deers, zebras, and the elephants, we were all rejoiced and teary-eyed when Rafiki held little Simba high up in the air like the king he was.

The Fault in Our Stars

Your life is about to end. How do you process the feelings of love at this stage when nothing is certain enough? Grab a box of tissues before you start watching this tale about two teens battling cancer and at the same time their feelings for each other.

The Hate U Give

This brutal drama about the life of a black girl highlights the struggle of surviving in spaces of white dominance when you belong to a black neighborhood.

8 Dramas That Will Surely Make You Cry

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