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8 Best Sci-fi Shows Streaming on Amazon Prime

Feb. 07. 2022

Looking for some rigorous sci-fi action on television? Here are a few shows on Amazon Prime video that might match the bar. The shows follow diverse themes ranging from futuristic crime thrillers to space operas. With some unusual plotlines and abstract themes here are a few series that we believe should be on everyone’s watchlist.


  1. The Expanse

Image result for The Expanse tv showThe show is set up for almost a hundred years in the future where humans have colonized the solar system. The people are divided as The belters, Mars and the Earth. As tensions rise between The earth and Mars, the belters suffer consequences.


  1. Salvation

Image result for Salvation tv showA tech aficionado calculates an imminent asteroid collision. The Earth only has a window of six months to prepare for the threat. An MIT graduate discovers the threats and teams up with the techie to find a solution to the arriving apocalypse.


  1. Stargate SG – 1

Image result for Stargate SG - 1 tv showThe series is built around Stargate SG 1, a device capable of interstellar transportation across the universe through a wormhole. It was built by a race of humanoids centuries ago and is rediscovered in present-day Egypt. Earth puts the device to use for protecting its own existence and also for deep space exploration. In this series colonel Jack O’Neil is assigned a mission on planet Abydos. On arriving Abydos, the colonel discovers a whole new network of Stargates.


  1. Eureka

Image result for Eureka tv showS. Marshal Jack Carter and his Daughter Zoe end up in Eureka, a town filled with scientist nerds. Carter helps find the real culprit behind an awry science experiment and finds permanent residence in the town as the Sheriff. The show builds around the daily struggles Carter deals within this town of troublemakers.


  1. Humans

Image result for Humans tv showSynths are robotic servants that have become a necessity in a parallel present. Joe buys a synth to help his wife Laura with domestic chores. The thought-provoking show aims at reflecting on the impacts technology has on human lives.


  1. Defiance

Image result for Defiance tv showThe Earth undergoes a massive altercation in its landscape post three decades of alien colonization.  Defiance is a town where humans and aliens coexist. As the series unfolds, certain events threaten to disrupt the peace the town has sacrificed so much over. The TV show and video game of the franchise maintain a striking balance as the events occurring in one, impact the course of the other.


  1. Grimm

Image result for Grimm tv showAs Nick Burkhardt discovers that the legacy of his ancestors is very much alive in him, he must continue his duty as a Grimm. Grimms serve to preserve the balance between humanity and Wesen (Creature). Grimm sees Nick battling monsters with the aid of his Wesen Friend Monroe and his detective partner.


  1. Mr. Robot

Image result for Mr. Robot tv showA cybersecurity engineer holds a vigilante conscience that sees him hacking criminals once he is off the clock. Serving justice from the shadows, kind of backfires when a mysterious anarchist reaches out to him with the task of ruining the company that he works for.

8 Best Sci-fi Shows Streaming on Amazon Prime

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