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8 Amazing Zombie Movies Streaming on Hulu Right Now

Mar. 17. 2020

For those of us who take pleasure in watching blood being spattered around and people being slashed, Hulu has updated its roster of Zombie movies with the following additions. These films may not be all annihilation and bleak. Some have a clear touch of romance while others are comical. So not just zombie movie fans, but a general audience with the tolerance for gore can enjoy these films in all capacity.
Here are 8 films carefully picked from Hulu’s current lineup of Zombie movies.


  1. 28 days later

Image result for 28 days later movieA lethal virus is accidentally unleashed in the city of London infecting most of the human population in the City. The film follows a small group of survivors trying to protect themselves from those infected. The virus acts on the infected human by turning them into killing machines.
The cast is led by Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris.


  1. The Cabin in the Woods

Image result for The Cabin in the Woods movieA monster in the woods fare complete with a rather plausible and scientific explanation to it. But the truth unfolds in layers not all at once which is what makes this film and exciting watch. The film begins with a group of 5 college friends arriving in the woods and facing a zombie attack. The story develops as they unravel the secrets behind the ghoulish violence.


  1. Overlord

Image result for Overlord movieSet in the backdrop of D-day the story follows a group of American military parachutist aircraft accidentally crashes into the enemy zone in a village near Normandy. With just the Nazi Troops estimated target the paratroopers are totally unaware of the horror death awaits them in the region.


  1. Anna and the apocalypse

Image result for Anna and the apocalypse movieAnna and her friends must face an army of Zombies to reach their loved ones. The fighters all kinds of absurd as it involve clashing and singing their way through a zombie apocalypse. but as the story progresses they sense the civilization crumbling and realize the only people they can trust are each other.


  1. What we become

Image result for What we become movieWhile on vacation the Johansson family is brought face to face with a horror they had not imagined India wildest dreams. A virulent strand of flu terrorizes the neighborhood poses the authorities to push families into ultimate Quarantine. But as one member of the family escapes out they are faced with a dire situation that pushes them over the edge.


  1. Saint

Image result for sint movieA group of miserable villagers decides to put an end to the terror of Bishop Niklas and his gang of thugs. The evil bishop unforgiving returns as murderous ghosts every year as the full moon coincides with the day of their death. The film stars Huub Stapel and Egbert Jan Weeber is directed by Dick Maas and will forever change what the date of December 5 means to you.


  1. Contracted: Phase II

Image result for Contracted: Phase II movieThe second installment of this deadly disease horror sees Riley on a quest to unravel the mystery behind the cause of the outbreak which is now on the verge of sweeping human civilization as we know it. But he doesn’t have much time since he himself is battling the infection and he must uncover the truth before the ailment consumes him whole.


  1. Knights of the Damned

Image result for Knights of the Damned movieThe king has tasked his best knights to free his castle from the captivity of a dragon. But the castle is a long way ahead and the path is filled with sirens, warrior women and a notorious army of the dead. A tale full of knights and dragons and zombies in a mythological set up is absurd yet exciting.

8 Amazing Zombie Movies Streaming on Hulu Right Now

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