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7 Spine Chilling Movies On Netflix

7 Spine Chilling Movies On Netflix

Feb. 29. 2020

There is something weirdly fascinating about being terrified to death. The exact reason why we love watching horror movies knowing the fact that what follows after the movie is over is not pretty. But those who love cuddling with their partners, have the best excuse to do so.

Have a look at these 7 horror romps that will send chills down your spine:


  1. The ABCs of Death (2012 Film)

Image result for The ABCs of Death movieThe whole premise of the film is weird. There are 26 short horror stories that will scare you to death. And each story is denoted by one letter from the 26 alphabets of English language. You came looking for one. Now you have 26! Have fun!


  1. Curse of Chucky (2013 Film)

Image result for Curse of Chucky movieThis doll is not pretty since it kills. The red-haired toy will creep you out to the max! And as if that was not disturbing enough for us, there are grisly scenes that intensify the misery you are feeling. But in all capacity, the film proves much better than all its predecessors.


  1. Little Evil (2017 Film)

Image result for Little Evil movieHorror and comedy is a potent combo and that is what makes this film a winner. The story revolves around a mother, a devilish son and his stepdad. The stepfather is trying to work around the son’s demons, the ongoing incidents make the film hilarious and creepy at the same time.


  1. Hush (2006 Film)

Image result for Hush movieThis is an iconic film about a masked murderer who creeps around a woman in her house. His intentions are unknown but they are definitely not sane. One look at him make your blood run cold. Why did she even choose to live in the woods is the question you will constantly ask.


  1. 1922 (2017 Film)

Image result for 1922 movieWe have seen enough Stephan King novels come to life on the big screen by now. IT maxed out the horror and we wonder if anything could beat that. This film is about a farmer who plans to kill his wife for financial gains. But will this greed do him any good? Watch to find out how the story unfolds next.


  1. I am the pretty thing that lives in the house (2016 Film)

Image result for I am the pretty thing that lives in the house movieAn elderly woman is taken care of by a young nurse. Little does the nurse know that the house is full of evil spirits? But it’s too late when they find out!


  1. The Babadook (2014 Film)

Image result for The Babadook movieLife takes a vicious turn for the woman in the story when her husband dies and she has to take care of her children single-handedly amidst all the horror around her. Trust this, it won’t let you sleep for days.

7 Spine Chilling Movies On Netflix

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