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7 Ridiculous Movies That Are Out Right Funny

Nov. 15. 2020

Being funny is not an easy task- especially on screen. You need to have a consistent narrative, great performance from actors, and overall good timing. Though there are many comedies from Hollywood, only a few were striking enough to remain in our hearts.

Here is a list of such movies that super funny enough for a rewatch.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

When it comes to comedy, we cannot start the list without mentioning Jim Carrey. There is no doubt that one of his most memorable performance comes in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The mascot of the Miami Dolphins along with quarterback Dan Marino has gone missing. Now it is up to Jim Carrey to find the people behind this awful crime. Will he be able to solve the mystery, using his killer wits and abnormal investigations tactics? Watch to find out.

Police Academy 4

Police Academy gets a new batch of recruits and this time its a group of civilian volunteers because of  Commandant Lassard’s new ‘Citizens on Patrol’ program. The new community relations project has strong governmental support. But, it looks like Captain Harris has a strong dislike towards it. With him determined to make it a failure, it will be a fun ride to watch how the new batch survives.

Problem Child (1990)

It all started when Ben Healy and his social-climbing wife Flo decided to adopt a child.  Their choice was a fun-loving seven-year-old named Junior. But, little did they know that he was actually a little monster who can turn camping trips, a birthday party and even a baseball game into disastrous embarrassments. How?! You will have to watch this hilarious satire on modern-day family life to find out.

So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

Charlie MacKenzie has just gone through a bad breakup. But he is not going to give up on a love that soon. He falls for lovely butcher Harriet Michaels and introduces her to his parents. Unfortunately, his parents think that she is actually a notorious serial killer nicknamed “Mrs. X”, who is involved in a series of unusual honeymoon murders. Taking his parents’ actions as foolishness, Charlie ties the knot with Harriet. But soon he starts to realize that his parents were actually right.

Kingpin (1996)

Roy Munson was told that he would become a bowling superstar one day. But on playing for the wrong crowd, he lost his left hand and was left with a hook instead of it. It was when he started to settle down with it that he found someone who is as good as him- an Amish kid named Ishmael. Now, he is out to make a comeback and help the kid paly the high leagues.

Black Sheep (1996)

Albert Donnelly is a dignified candidate running for Governor. His campaign managers think that his slow-witted and klutzy younger brother, Mike, can be a problem to his public appearances. So they have hired sarcastic Steve to babysit him and keep him out the media’s eyes. Mike and Steve are out of town during the election and having the time of their lives.

Fierce Creatures (1997)

A New Zealand tycoon has just acquired Marwood Zoon and he has hired ex-policeman Rollo Lee to run it. To prove himself to his new boss and to earn more profits, Rollo introduces a new ‘fierce creatures’ policy. According to it only the most impressive and dangerous animals are allowed to remain in the zoo. But, the keepers are liking these demands.

7 Ridiculous Movies That Are Out Right Funny

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