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7 Best LGBTQ Themed Movies On HBO

Mar. 03. 2020

Bohemian Rhapsody

🍅61% ⌛2h 25m 🎬2018

Singer Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bass guitarist John Deacon formed the band Queens in 1970- one of the greatest bands to storm the music world. Their songs became instant classics. But, Mercury’s wild lifestyle went out of control and Queen struggled hard to keep the band together.

The Normal Heart

🍅94% ⌛2h 13m 🎬2014

In the early 1980s, New York was at the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis. Starring Mark Ruffalo and Jim Parsons, the movie takes a deep dive into the situation of the time and how the officials manipulated the nation’s sexual politics and how the gay activists and their allies in the medical community fought to expose the truth.

Boys Don’t Cry

🍅88% ⌛2h 13m 🎬1993

Teena Brandon was born a female. But, she was felt that as her individuality. So, she took up a new male identity as Brandon Teena and went on to find himself and some love Nebraska. The movie has Hilary Swank and Chloë Sevigny in the lead roles.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

🍅81% ⌛1h 54m 🎬1993

Hedwig was raised as a boy in East Berlin. In her quest to find her own identity, she undergoes a personal transformation to her emigrate to the U.S. But, once she reached there, she reinvented herself as a super rock diva. But, embracing a “beautiful gender of one” didn’t do much good for her career. She got “internationally ignored”.

Boy Erased

🍅81% ⌛1h 54m 🎬1993

Jared is the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town. At the age of 19, he revealed to his parents that he was gay. But, their reaction was worse than expected. Jared was asked to either attend a gay conversion therapy program or get exiled by his family, friends, and faith. Starring Lucas Hedges and Nicole Kidman, this movie clearly depicts the tension between the LGBTQ community and religion.

I Love You Phillip Morris

🍅71% ⌛1h 31m 🎬2009

When Steve Russell came out, he didn’t know that being gay needed so much money (That’s what he thought!). Being bored with his bland lifestyle, he became a con man. It didn’t last long and Russell soon ended up in jail, where he fell in love with the charismatic Phillip Morris. Starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, this is perhaps the best gay-comedy movie that doesn’t ridicule the community for laughter.

Looking: The Movie

If you believe that most of the Hollywood movies marginalize the LGBTQ community, then you are not wrong. But, there are movies that normalize gender politics so well. Looking: The Movie is one such work of art. For the wedding of his gay friends, Patrick returns to San Francisco after a long year. However, what awaited him there were some unresolved relationship issues that he left behind.

7 Best LGBTQ Themed Movies On HBO

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