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6 Upcoming Movies On Prime Video That You Don’t Want To Miss

Feb. 12. 2021

Amazon Prime Video has a long list of exciting movies coming to their platform. Here are the top titles that you don’t want to miss out on.

Coming 2 America

After 33 years, Eddie Murphy’s break-out comedy film, Coming to America is finally getting a sequel. The then African prince is now the king and he must find his son in America to take his throne and save the kingdom. However, just like Akeem, his son is also determined to live his own life and choose the partner that he wants to spend their life with.

Honest Thief

One thing that we never grow tired of is watching Liam Nesson in an action movie and saying “I’m coming for you”. Well, you can have both in the new movie Honest Thief. The beloved actor plays the role of a professional bank robber who wants to turn himself in and live an honest life with his new girlfriend. However, two crooked cops are trying to get away with the stolen money and now it is up to Liam’s character to clear his name and bring his justice.

War Of Likes

Raquel wants to advance her career in the world of publicity. He is looking to reunite with her high school friend Cecy who is a queen of social media. However, reuniting with friends is not as same as getting followers on social media. Directed by María Ripoll, this Mexican comedy is sure to tickle your funny bones.

Without Remorse

John Clark aka Kelly is a navy seal. His wife was murdered and he seeks to take revenge against those who took his life away from him. However, on his path for vengeance, he realizes a greater conspiracy taking place in the background. For those who don’t know, the action thriller is the origin story of the character John Clark which was created by the Tom Clancy who is famous for ‘Jack Ryan’. Since Prime Video has already set up Jack Ryan, will we be seeing the two famous characters together in a Ryanverse?! Guess we will have to wait and find out.


The first and only woman to have won the Nobel Prize twice, Marie Curie is finally getting the biopic she deserves. The Polish physicist and Chemist is known for her theory of Radioactivity. Based on the graphic novel ‘Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie’, the movie follows her discovery of Polonium and Radium and also the scientific and romantic relationship she had with her husband Pierre Curie.

Smiley Face Killers

Male college students are mysteriously drowning on the California coast.  Jack who id struggling to keep his life together at school did not expect to find himself being stalked by a hooded figure driving an unarmed van. Will he be the next victim to end up dead on the shores.  Watch this movie to find out.

6 Upcoming Movies On Prime Video That You Don’t Want To Miss

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