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6 Classic Comedies That Are Still Worth Watching

Apr. 07. 2021

While the world is busy with superhero movie and franchises, it is becoming more and more evident that the genre of comedy is getting significantly diminished. Over the past years, there was no major comedy movie that was worth remembering. This has led people to look for some great flick to watch from the golden age of comedy.

Here are a few of these classic comedies for you to watch this week.

Animal House

No list will ever be complete without National Lampoon’s legendary cult classic comedy ‘Animal House’. Coming from a magazine that is known for its “unrestricted” humor, the movie still sets the bar for cinematic depictions of collegiate debauchery. Even though it is not that family-friendly, it is still one of the most entertaining comedy movies to be ever made.


There are many reasons why ‘Superbad’ is the best coming-of-the-age comedy teen movie, and the best one is that it stars Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. The actors donned the roles of two high school friends who gets into a a lot of shenanigans to score alcohol for a huge party.

Coming to America

Before Wakanda and King T’challa, there was a another prince from Africa who stole our hearts onscreen. With Eddie Murphy playing the lead role, the movie is about an African prince who breaks his traditions and comes to America to meet and marry the woman of his dreams.

Dazed and Confused

One of the most prominent sub-genres of comedy is the stoner comedy. ‘Dazed and Confused’ belongs to this types of movies and is one of the most entertaining stoner comedy out there. Packed with the some amazing 70s soundtrack and Matthew McConaughey’s famous line “Alright, alright alright!!”, this is one movie that you don’t want to miss.

The Big Lebowski

If you are looking for a cult classic comedy, then look no further. There is no comedy movie more iconic than ‘The Big Lebowski’. Even today, the movie has its own fan base and is considered one of the most re-watched comedy movies of all time.


Romantic comedies are filled with so many cliches. We all know that. However, long before the studios took over storytelling, there used to be ones that are brilliantly crafted and is amazingly funny. Take ‘Bridesmaids’ for example. The movie has a wonderful blend of romance, friendship and brilliant comedy that we will watch it again and again without a doubt.

6 Classic Comedies That Are Still Worth Watching

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