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6 Best Sci-Fi Movies of 1970s

Jul. 30. 2020

The 1970s has undoubtfully redefined the genre of science fiction to what we see today. From movies that took us to the far end to space to genetically altered superspecies, these movies created some of the greatest-of-all-time canon works. Here are some of the iconic sci-fi movies of the 1970s.

The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

After returning from a trip around Saturn’s rings, astronaut Steve West returns back to Earth. However, his skin seems to be mutated from the cosmic trip and it appears to be dripping off his body like melted candle wax. The problems don’t end there.  He has developed an appetite for human flesh. The movie was initially intended for the humorous take on the monster-from-space. But, it eventually ended up as a cult horror flick.

Welcome to Blood City (1977)

This western- science fiction hybrid may remind you of the hit HBO show Westworld.  Five people are left in a typical frontier town called the Blood city. Things are different and out of place in this weird town and in order to keep them alive and escaping eternal slavery, the character must kill twenty other people in the town. We don’t want to spoil the ending of the movie. But, it was so iconic that it remained a template in the genre for many years.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

The planet of the apes movie series one of the earliest and most popular sci-fi movies to have a pop-cultural fan base. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) ties into this classic movie franchise with another installment from the post-apocalyptic earth taken over by the apes. This 1970 film also follows a similar plotline like the first- astronaut crashing into a new planet without knowing that it is actually the earth in the distant future.  However, the ending will sure to give you a treat for your time.

Zardoz (1974)

The golden age of sci-fi movies did give us some of the most oddball flicks from the genre. But, none can be as iconic as the fabulous ‘Zardox’. With it is gigantic floating head and awkward lines like:  “The gun is good. The penis is evil”, this movie can feel mostly goofy when you watch it now. However, there is no doubt that it is an entertainer worth watching.

Westworld  (1973)

The movie takes you to the futuristic theme park where you can pay to relive the artificial wild west populated by androids. However, things go haywire and the escapist fantasy suddenly takes on a grim reality. If the plot and trailer seem so similar to you, then you are not mistaken. This is the movie that inspires the new HBO series of the same name.

Message From Space (1978)

Yes, this is a Star Wars knockoff. But, you have to give credit to Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku for giving some of the most energetic fights and battles. That’s not all. The movie does have its own weird little charms. This retro, sci-fi adventure is focused on a dissimilar crew trying to work together to fight against the evil galactic empire, Rockseia XLL.

6 Best Sci-Fi Movies of 1970s

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