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5 Awesome Movies That The Critics Hated

Aug. 15. 2021

Let’s all admit it! Critics can sometimes be real jerks. They often give bad reviews to movies that go on to win the fans’ hearts. Here are 5 such amazing movie that critics hated, but was a hit with fans.

Cruel Intentions

In spite of Cruel Intentions’ apparent lack of wit, its confidence convinces viewers otherwise. Sebastian and Kathryn, two Manhattan-swell stepsiblings who aim to deflower the abstinence critic Annette (Reese Witherspoon), make a bet to deflower her for simple kicks and to prove that anyone is corruptible. He starts to have genuine feelings for Annette, and he begins to doubt if he can uphold the wager he made with Kathryn.

Cruel Intentions is so entertaining because of its tone and strong faith in its perceived cleverness. The movie has an energy and style that draws people to it, whether deserved or not.

In addition to its dangerous nature, it captures a sense of teen angst and cynicism at its best. It is not only Gellar, but her portrayal as Kathryn as the queen bee, who steals every scene. Kathyryn’s brutal heart and soul are the reason Cruel Intentions is successful among viewers and not critics. A teenage girl embodies everything evil, vicious, obsessive, and indulgent. Kathyryn paints a picture of morality so twisted that all that she seems to be teaching is that most people are terrible because they can and that one day we’re all going to die. As a result, mankind would do well to equip themselves with a few biting one-liners and look awesome while travelling down the mean and shallow road of human existence.

There have been complaints that Cruel Intentions is filled with cheap thrills, but they are not void of enthralling content.


The film Ravenous is an odd yet compelling mixture of intriguing concepts presented in one film, despite not getting glowing reviews from critics. During the Western frontier, Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) receives reports of missing persons at Fort Spencer, a remote Army outpost. Boyd and his regiment arrive at their new post to investigate the missing persons, and F.W. Colghoun (Robert Carlyle), who tells them a terrifying story about a wagon train whose guide was murdered. To confirm Colghoun’s gruesome tale, the regiment ventures into the wilderness.

Ravenous treads a unique cinematic path and is intentionally devoid of genre classification. The film shifts its tone constantly, which may be the reason for its negative reviews. The cast’s performances range from Pearce’s serious, humorless portrayal of Boyd to the humorous idiosyncrasies of the outcasts of Fort Spencer. The music by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn switches between bleak thriller and good-natured silliness. Several scenes feature the actors give oddball performances while the score has a grim sense of humor.

However, all of this does not mean there aren’t creepy or eerie atmospheric scares. In addition to humor, Ravenous maintains a sense of dread under the surface and works on several levels, as great horror-comedies often do.

Neither Ravenous nor its creators declare themselves as a genre, so viewers can appreciate the content in many different ways.

Broken Arrow

Breaking Arrow is an adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced ride viewers can’t help but enjoy. Air Force pilot Riley Hale is played by Christian Slater, and pilot Vic Deakins is played by John Travolta. Both pilots are flying a top-secret mission involving nuclear weapons. Deakins attempts to kill Hale immediately after they have taken off and successfully steals the weapons from Hale. As Hale survives Deakins’ diabolical plan, he partners up with park ranger Terry Carmichael (Samantha Mathis) to stop him.

In Broken Arrow, the thrills are wonderfully intense, astonishingly cartoonish, and perfectly absurd. Within one movie, audiences witness a fight aboard a stealth bomber and then watch a car chase across the Utah flats. Additionally, viewers get to watch action scenes in a copper mine and a high-speed train. The film moves at a relentless pace, which keeps the excitement high and allows both leads to fully embrace the over-the-top action-packed nature of the story.

At the end of the day, Broken Arrow is not a deep-thinking or subtle film, but it is an exhilarating experience that will leave spectators exhausted in the best way.

Deep Blue Sea

A blend of real, animated, and computer-generated sharks, Deep Blue Sea is sure to engage audiences. Dr. Susan McAlester (Saffron Burrows) is trying to cure Alzheimer’s disease by harvesting shark brain tissue from an island research facility. However, the sharks become intelligent and begin attacking the employees. As sharks hunt their human captors, McAlester and her team must devise a way to prevent the sharks from escaping.

It may not enrich anyone’s mind, but Deep Blue Sea is a lesson in what makes monster movies so fascinating to watch. It takes very little time to introduce the characters and set up the situation, so the action can begin right away. The tension begins to build once chaos breaks out, and this tension is sustained until the end credits.

The terror is accompanied by an element of humor, just like in any good creature feature. It’s a good thing the director Renny Harlin knows how to have a little fun with the story. It’s impossible not to smile during some of the wildly campy scenes. It is not everyday that you see that a super smart shark turns on the oven to catch its prey. In addition, LL Cool J provides some comic relief in the form of his quotable lines, which audiences remember long after the film is over. One example that comes to mind is when he declares, “You ate my bird” while blowing up a shark.

A taut and gory thrill ride that leaves moviegoers trembling as they go into the ocean? Deep Blue Sea delivers on everything that it promises to deliver.

Bride of Re-Animator

An entertaining sequel to the legendary Re-Animator that combines humor, creativity, and horror homage. The characters of Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) and Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) have been forced to hide in a Latin American MASH unit following the events of the previous film that claimed the life of Cain’s beloved fiancée. When West and Cain are in Latin America, they develop a serum that resurrects body parts, leading to the creation of life.

This bold film is full of references and ideas that are interesting. There are elements of Lovecraft’s short story “The Horror from the Shadows”, William Castle’s House on Haunted Hill, and James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein. Although there are quite a few fan-sourced easter eggs and tributes in this film, audiences will not be put off by them.

The spirit of Bride of Re-Animator remains intact despite its missteps. Combs plays the wickedly comic return of Dr. West, and Abbott plays the morally-fluid good guy who audiences can invest in as he struggles to find his way. In addition to its unique style and visceral scares, Brian Yuzna’s Bride of Re-Animator maintains the quality effects that made Re-Animator so popular.

The sequel cannot be called a disappointment despite some of its unrefined elements.

5 Awesome Movies That The Critics Hated

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