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13 Netflix Titles That Will Cure Your Home Sickness

Jun. 18. 2021

Feeling homesick? Here are some wonderful content of Netflix that you can watch to feel more cheerful.

Always Be My Maybe

Playful and upbeat, this Netflix Original follows childhood sweethearts as they reconnect in adulthood. Teenage sweethearts have a falling out and don’t speak for 15 years, only reconnecting as adults when Sasha runs into Marcus in San Francisco. The old sparks are still there, but the couple lives in different worlds. Enjoy the hilarious comedy, stay for the Keanu Reeves cameo, and leave the movie with a smile on your face, despite your cold.


Watch this documentary series if you need some motivation to get through your illness. The series follows an acclaimed cheerleading squad at a small-town college in Texas, and throughout all six episodes, you’ll cheer, cry, and gasp along with the cheerleaders.

The Good Place

Watching a show called The Good Place is hard not to feel happy. It’s true that this critically acclaimed series is about what happens after death, but it’s also upbeat, playful, and thoughtful. Its three seasons are currently available on Netflix, so you’ll be entertained even if you’re out of commission for a few days.


The spontaneous breaking-into song of a musical requires a certain suspension of disbelief, which is easier to achieve when you’re sick. Music lovers already know this, of course. A remake of the ’80s film stars John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Zac Efron and is full of classic songs that’ll have you humming along, even if you can’t breathe.

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 is sure to please fans of the original movie. The movie is filled with warm-hearted superheroes, playful gags, and affectionate family dynamics, and its uplifting conclusion will leave you smiling. What could be a better way to spend your sick day?

Miss Americana

The Swifties probably watched this Taylor Swift documentary before (a few times), but even those who aren’t huge fans will enjoy this peek into the singer-songwriter’s life. It’s funny, entertaining, and educational–a great option for mellow viewing.

Set It Up

Playful rom-com about two low-level office workers who set up their bosses so they can have more free time. Inevitably, funny antics ensue, but the predictability (and energetic humor) of the film are perfect when you’re feeling tired.

Schitt’s Creek

Watch this popular series on your sick day if you believe laughter is the best medicine. You’re sure to laugh at every episode (even if you’ve seen them all before), and the antagonistic but affectionate dynamics in the family at the heart of the show will leave you feeling warm (regardless of your temperature).

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The animated superhero flick received rave reviews when it premiered and offers solid action without being too jarring for your sick day (or if the kids are home with you). It’s a standard origin story for a new generation’s Spider-Man, and it’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the world once you’re better.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This Netflix comedy series is insane, sweet, and completely hilarious, so it makes a great sick day pick. The episodes you see will put a smile on your face and lift your mood (it’s nearly impossible to be down with star Ellie Kemper on screen), and if you do fall asleep, no worries.

Valentine’s Day

It’s a vignette-style romantic comedy that’s fun to watch while you’re relaxing on your bed. Yes, there are tensions and mysteries, but they won’t disturb your rest, and the overall vibe–it’s about Valentine’s Day, the most loving day of the year–will leave you feeling warm inside.

The Politician

Those looking for low-level drama (with gorgeous production values) might find this suitable for a sick day. In The Politician, Gwyneth Paltrow (among other excellent actors) plays a high school student running for class president, with unexpected (and hilarious) consequences.

Parks and Recreation

If you’re looking for something heartfelt instead of goofy (although this beloved series is plenty goofy), Parks and Rec is a great choice for what to watch on Netflix while you’re home sick. The show offers hours of entertainment, and the genuine heart at its core will keep you warm, just like your sick-day blanket.

13 Netflix Titles That Will Cure Your Home Sickness

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