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10 Weird Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

Feb. 14. 2021

There are diverse kinds of movies out there. We may be used to the popular ones that follow the rules. But there are different films out there as well, which are worth the time. Here are some weird films you can watch on Amazon Prime:

1. Dust Nuggets

This is a film about an ambitious manager sending the rock band she oversees straight to the top of the stardom. Her secret weapon is a children’s book that has all of the instructions she’ll need. The entire story is told as she lies in an overdose-induced coma, and the plot is full of such layers that lift the story emotionally and craft-wise. The performances are stunning, with well-written dialogues and great music.

2. Blue Velvet

This is a really innovative, menacing film by ace director David Lynch. The story focuses on the protagonist who takes a trip back to visit his sick father and stumbles into a world he never knew existed in the town he grew up. The performance is delightful and brings out all the madness of the writing. The film is a cult classic and often finds space in almost all lists showcasing weird movies. If you manage to stick through it, you will be surprised and taken aback.

3. The Lighthouse

This is an insane tale of insanity, isolation, and seagulls. It is difficult to describe the plot without spilling the surprises out. It is a film that delves so deep into your mind and emotional landscape that it is quite unbelievable how it slowly does it. The film showcases the power of storytelling, and the potential of a film to show us the unreal while making it feel real. Watch this film, but make sure you do not give away anything to those who have not!

4. Suspiria

This is the story of an American dancer who starts to figure things out for herself. Visually stunning and absolutely intense, this movie is so wild that not only did one actor play three different roles, but it is complete with great prosthetics and techniques to enable it. The story is crazy, and when we say that, it is quite an understatement. Watch this film to be mesmerized and blown away by how far a plot can creep you out.

5. Pi

This is a film by director Darren Aronovsky, who is known to get a bit wild with his filmography. This is a film that is a crucial gateway into the weird world he builds through his filmmaking. The story starts with a mathematician Max developing an obsession with the numerical sequence. The plot progresses and gets on into a space that is unpredictable. It is a menacing tale that is sure to make you wonder at its insanity.

6. Midsommar

This is an intense film about how the psychological trauma of a person affects her partner. When they visit their friend’s ancestral commune in an effort to mend things, it changes their lives forever. The film is immersive with its deep-running plot that has many layers. The performances complement the plot and elevate the story into a gripping, intriguing watch.

7. Hotel Artemis

This is a film that is wild and twisted. The film is an action-comedy which proves with its star-studded narrative that sometimes all it takes is a lot of gunplay, a water riot and a hotel full of criminals to kickstart the excitement. The actors are all stunning, and the story unfolds in a striking manner, making it quite unlike anything else we have seen on screen. The film is mad, but not in the sense that we are used to. It is contained, sinister, and extremely creepy. Watch it for a different experience.

8. Come To Daddy

Families can be pretty wild, even on their most mild-mannered days together. This is a story of a family reunion. What was supposed to be a reunion with his absent father turns into an insane night from hell for the protagonist. This proves to him once and for all that the pen truly is mightier than the sword, especially when it is dipped in something nasty. Did not get the reference? Watch the film to know!

9. Overlord

This is a film that takes the concept of Nazi super-soldiers and turns it into something that feels pretty fresh in its execution. It is a film that spins a very done and dusted storyline to make it something fresh and exciting. It is a plot with quite many twists and turns. It is innovative and very engaging to watch. The performances also add to the texture of the film, with minimal effort, and deliver an incredible cinematic experience.

10. The Boondock Saints

This film is the gold standard for wild independent filmmaking. The story revolves around the titular pair of brothers who set out to clean up the streets of their hometown after receiving visions from God. This is quite crazy, but the madness in the film is not even getting started here. What you are in for is a wild tale of absolutely weird occurrences that tie together stunningly in the end. The performances are spot-on, and the entire atmosphere of the film escalates the madness with each scene.

10 Weird Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

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