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10 Under-the-Radar Movies to Watch

Feb. 13. 2021

There are films that sometimes go unnoticed when they release. This may happen for many reasons, but the good thing about the internet is that they are forever present so that we can revisit them at will. Here are some underrated films that deserve all your attention:

1. Locke

This is a small movie about a man who spends pretty much the whole movie in the car, driving somewhere and looking extremely stressed. On the way, he has a number of conversations with his kids, wife, boss, subordinate, and the imaginary ghost of his father in the backseat. The film is very innovative in its narrative, and the performances are absolutely stunning.

2. Empire Records

This movie opened to terrible reviews but has since become a cult classic. Centering around one epic day at a record store, each character brings something different to the table and storyline. The film has incredible catchphrases and some amazing everyday conversation. This is a film that is underrated, but deserves way more attention.

3. All I Wanna Do

Set in the ’60s at an all-girls boarding school, this is the story of Odette, a bitter new student who forms friendships with three other ladies. After the school announces it’s going co-ed, friendships are tested as they fight to save a school from the invasion of boys, while also helping each other achieve each other’s goals. Watch this film for a great experience.

4. Smokin’ Aces

This is a fascinating fictional look at the world of professional killers. It is packed with famous actors who deliver incredible performances. It is a dramatic film with intense layers and absolutely amazing filmmaking. The film did not get the attention it deserves, and it is one that is surely worth a watch.

5. That Thing You Do

Written, directed, and starring Tom Hanks, this fantastic film follows a band as they are propelled to stardom in the ’60s. The film did not gain any momentum until much after it debuted. It is a film that combines great writing, acting, and absolutely memorable moments. The way it brings forth all the elements of the story is really worth watching.

6. Better Off Dead

This is a dark comedy about a teen who has everything going against him—parents who don’t care, a girlfriend who dumps him, and a little brother who is way cooler than he is. The story then goes on to show how he battles all these odds to come out with better insight and strengths. It is a film that definitely deserves more attention than it got.

7. Max

This is an innovative take on Hitler and his relationship with a Munich art dealer. It was criticized that this film may offend the feelings of the Holocaust survivors. But the narrative stays within lines and delivers an inventive perspective on the theme. It is a film that is worth your time for its novel storyline and performances.

8. In a World

This is a lovable film about a vocal coach who competes against her own legendary voice actor father, as well as the current biggest voice actor in the game, to get a huge gig voicing the trailer for a big-budget movie. This is a film you will adore and want to watch over and over again. It is an endearing take on relationships, ambition and art.

9. Sunshine

This is a science fiction fantasy film set in a time when the sun is dying, and the Earth will too, as a result. A team of astronauts is sent to revive the sun and as they fail, a new team is sent seven years later as humankind’s last hope. This film is at par with any other movie in the genre but does not have as much following or attention.

10. Near Dark

This is a horror film based on a farmer’s son who ends up traveling with a group of vampires after the woman he’s trying to seduce turns him in. This is a unique story that explores quite many layers of the story and the characters are very relatable, even though the premise is set in fantasy. It is a rare film that is engaging and deserving of your time.

10 Under-the-Radar Movies to Watch

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