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10 Popular Family Dramas Available On Streaming

Jan. 20. 2021

There is nothing quite like the love and craziness of family. We all agree that family is important and irreplaceable. Here are some really amazing films about families that you can watch:

The Family Man

As the name suggests, this is a film about the importance of family. The film sounds like a feel-good story, but it is more than that. It is one that addresses some serious issues within families and it also promotes fundamental family values. It shows us why it is important to make an effort and be present in the family in order to nurture it and help everyone grow.

About a Boy

This is a very touching film about the importance of love, happiness, and family. The story follows a boy who makes an unlikely friend and ends up developing a strange, rewarding relationship. The film focuses on how people overlook their family bonds and sometimes need some pointers to really bring their attention to these factors. It is a soft story that makes you feel really warm and fuzzy by the end.

Blue Valentine

This is an American romantic drama that is about how to save relationships and giving one more chance to building a happy family. A married couple who were once head over heels in love later discover that their passion has dissolved. They try hard to retain their relationship and nurture their family with care and attention to feelings. This is a lovely story that explains why it is paramount to focus on family and relationships.

The Addams Family

This fantasy comedy movie was based on a cartoon about the Addams family, a weird yet very loving family and their numerous relatives. They look strange, wear black clothes all the time, and live in a very spooky old mansion. Their relatives are all witches, murderers, and monsters. But nothing prevents them from being happy, and loving and caring for each other with all their hearts.

It’s Complicated

This is a lovely, light-hearted family movie. It is filled with many relatable dialogues about family ties and complicated relationships. If you think that people after turning 50 immediately become serious and responsible, watch this movie, featuring the brilliant Meryl Streep and you will figure out how mad families can be even after their heads turn old. Sometimes, old age is what brings out the wackiness in people and that is where all the fun lies!

As Good As It Gets

This is a very romantic story about people who are reluctant to let new people into their lives as a result of being stuck in various difficult life problems. The dialogues and numerous comic situations will make you believe in the importance of building a family and nurturing relationships. It shows how everybody needs somebody, and that life is worth living when we are more open to sharing and caring for one another.

Kramer vs. Kramer

This is one of the best movies that bring out the various nuances of how families function. It is a good example to show young kinds to help them be educated about the idea of a perfect family. Life is not always easy, and every family faces its own troubles. In this film, a couple going through divorce teach their kids how to cultivate patience and love. Though slightly dark and intense, the film is a very important watch, especially if you want to understand difficult family situations.

Facing Windows

This is an Italian film about a married couple who have a failing, disintegrating marriage. The film goes on to show how they both try to revive themselves and attempt to be happy with what they have. It is not at all easy to change everything at once and make things look normal, but it’s worth trying because family is a place that has no replacement. The is a feel-good film that reinforces the importance of family and relationships.

The Story Of Us

This is yet another story of a couple who find themselves in a soup. The film is extremely touching and shows seemingly insignificant details that can destroy everything in a relationship. It showcases how mutual misunderstanding and resentment cause stress and depression amongst couples. The story also focuses on how to look at common grounds when you try to build a family rather than magnify the differences and grow further apart.

Yours, Mine & Ours

This is a great movie you must watch with the whole family. The plot is simple and predictable, but also engaging and very entertaining. The whole atmosphere of a big happy family is recreated in the film with endearing performances and about a zillion jokes. It is a warm, fuzzy movie that will want you to huddle together as a family and watch it, again and again, to simply feel the togetherness and love.

10 Popular Family Dramas Available On Streaming

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