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10 Mouth-Watering Hulu Shows About Food

Mar. 14. 2021

Here are some delicious cooking and food-related shows you can binge on Hulu:


This is one of the oldest cooking competitions on the internet. The show pits four chefs against each other as they cook through various rounds of appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Each dish must include some mystery basket ingredients. At each round, one of the chefs gets eliminated from the competition. The show is catchy, exciting, and very engaging. It blends food, technique, and competition together to create a lovely experience.

Food Network Star

This is yet another cooking competition where 12 chefs compete throughout each season to host their own Food Network series. There are eliminations and one chef is eliminated at the end of each episode. They are faced with multiple fun and testing tasks where they are supposed to cook under pressure and time crunch. This is a very engaging show that wraps together all the essential elements of a cookery competition.


Cupcake Wars

This is an interesting cooking challenge where four cupcake bakers are pitted against each other in a themed battle at the end of which there is whopping prize money. This is a fun show especially if you love baking. The chefs work under duress and have to bring forth their best foot to be creative and up to the mark. Watch this show when you have the time to binge on some delicious baking.

Guy’s Grocery Games

This is a different kind of cooking show that is set in a grocery store. Guy Fieri hosts this show during which four chefs compete in a series of elimination challenges with themes that seem impossible to put together. The tasks vary from making sandwiches without the bread aisle to a gourmet meal featuring only frozen entrees. The show is quirky, fun, and absolutely rewarding to watch. It stands out for its creative and experimental edge to cooking.

Kitchen Nightmares

This is a show that incorporates ace chef Gordon Ramsey’s creative spirit. Gordon Ramsey and the team visit failing restaurants to help them go for a revamp. The team examines each restaurant’s lapses, renovates the building, and makes menu and management add innovative changes to help build goodwill and customer base. This is a show that really brings out Ramsey’s love for restaurants and food. It is also explanatory of the obstacles in setting up a restaurant and managing it well.

After Hours

This is an inside story of the world of some of the best chefs. The show takes us behind the scenes at some of America’s most popular restaurants. It showcases how to ace chefs function, what their work discipline looks like, and how they tune their inner creativity into dishes. They are also seen to be laughing and joking, apart from exchanging recipes and culinary secrets. This is a reality check and a very engaging show that shows us a sneak into the elite chef world.

Top Chef Masters

This is a show that is somewhat a rip off of Top Chef. The show pits world-renowned chefs against each other in weekly competitions where they have to perform difficult tasks and come up with creative dishes. There is a very endearing cause to this show, which makes it worthwhile. The featured chefs compete on behalf of specific charities. Hence, all prize money goes to their specified organizations and not for their personal gains.

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmerman

This is a food show that is whacky and out of the box. If you love food adventures, this is surely for you. Zimmern, an ace chef, and food writer travel across the globe in search of the strangest foods imaginable. He tries to find out the food items that are usually unheard of and introduces their flavors to the viewers. He’s gone from place to place, eating everything from goat organs, ox intestines, and fermented cabbage tacos.

The F Word

This is a fun family cooking show in all ways. Hosted by chef Gordon Ramsey, the show pits family teams against each other in an hour-long live competition. Ramsey makes the show interesting by being his fun, whacky self. He sometimes brings in surprise celebrity guests to judge the dishes and interacts with audience members through fun games that elevate the excitement of the show. It is interesting to see how different families approach cooking and the show is an overall enjoyable watch.

Worst Cooks in America

This is yet another quirky show that is bound to catch your attention. Celebrity Food Network chefs guide a group of new recruits through cooking boot camp each season and train them to go into the finale. The final task is to cook a restaurant meal which will be judged by three guest food critics. It is fun and endearing to see these cooks learn the basics and fumble a bit but pick themselves up and deliver their best.

10 Mouth-Watering Hulu Shows About Food

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