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10 Most Visually Stunning Films of All Times

Dec. 16. 2020

Cinema is an art of visual captivation. Visuals transport us to places we have never been to. Even the places we have seen can seem magical through the lens of a skilled filmmaker. Here are some of the most visually stunning films of all time:


Born out of Christopher Nolan’s brilliant imagination, this is a film about humanity’s exploration of other inhabitable planets. It is extremely difficult to make such a visual landscape believable and Nolan does a stunning job of it in this film. The terrain of planets that we have never seen is depicted so well that we almost feel like we have actually been transported to outer space. This film is unquestionably one of the most captivating films in terms of the visual beauty of all times.


Yet another film about outer space, this is the story of astronauts who set out to collect more data. Hit by high-speed debris, they begin to lose each other one by one. The story is about how one of them survives, a lone human being in outer space. The plot itself makes it very difficult to film, owing to its complexity. Capturing the loneliness of being left alone in space is extremely difficult. But the makes do an unquestionable job by crafting visuals that are hard to forget. Watch this film to see some of the most stunning visuals ever made.

Mad Max: Fury Road

This is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic movie when the world is a barren desert. The water supply is controlled by a tyrant who discriminates and tortures people who have no other option but to be at his mercy. The story is about how some rebels join forces to overthrow him. Getting the landscape of a dystopian movie right is not easy. The film excels in its visual execution. The despair and tension of a post-apocalyptic period are brought out skilfully using precisely crafted visuals making it one of the most mesmerizing films to watch.

Life of Pi

Based on the novel of the same name by Yann Martel, this is the story of a stranded boy and a tiger lost in the seas. A tiger is a ferocious animal and to create visuals of the beast along with a human child is no easy feat. The film has moments that show the beauty and terror of the high seas with absolute commitment. The water, swimming dolphins, and stars are all so real that they come alive on screen to make you feel as if you are in the waters yourself. Watch this film to experience the visual beauty yourself.

The Revenant

Set against a snowy, wild terrain, this is the story of a frontiersman and his team who face the odds of nature. He gets attacked by a wild bear and is split away from his crew. The moments of combat between him and the beast make for one of world cinema’s most stunning visuals of all times. The film is atmospheric and deeply haunting owing to the effect the visuals create in our minds. It is a beautiful and horrifying watch, capturing the lone, piercing beauty of difficult landscapes with stunning perfection.


In this modern-day depiction of man’s relationship with machines, a lonely man falls in love with the operating software of his computer. Complex as it sounds, the emotions are made very tangible and relatable through the visuals that humanize the plot. His whims, emotions, and fantasies are depicted with a sense of vulnerability that makes the visual experience one of a kind. Executed with clarity and backed by solid performances, this is yet another visually stunning film that is a must-watch.

The Mulholland Drive

This is a surrealist, neo-noir film about a woman who loses her memory post an accident. She teams up with a friend to find out her true identity and piece her life together. This is a film that is difficult to execute owing to its complexity and psychological layers. But director David Lynch does a brilliant job and brings alive the layers of the woman’s mind on-screen with utmost tangibility. The beauty of the film lies in the way it takes us through the story with visceral imagery.

2001, A Space Odyssey

Directed by the phenomenal Stanley Kubrick, this is the story of man’s search for a monolith in space that first appeared at the beginning of humanity. For a film made in 1968, the visuals are extremely futuristic. To think that the film was made so early on in time with not many references of how to create the visual language for it is unbelievable. Kubrick is at his imaginative, edgy best in the film with his interpretation of the space in his own language. Watch this film to experience the piercing power of great cinematography and art in cinema.


This is a Mexican film about Cleo, a domestic help who shares a bond with the family she works for. When the man of the house elopes with his mistress, she becomes closer to the wife, thereby, forming a rare bond of womanly tenderness. The film’s visual beauty lies in its minimal simplicity. The imagery is full of real-life moments that seem as though they have been drawn straight out of your solitary thoughts. Watch this film to experience emotions through visuals that you may perhaps never have experienced through films before.


This is the story of a linguistic expert who tries to decipher the language of aliens who have landed on Earth in a mysterious spaceship. The visuals of the film succeed in creating a curiosity about how aliens look and behave. It is very different from the usual depictions of aliens and that enhances the imaginative depth of the film. The language of the aliens is shown through signs, and it is unlike anything we have ever seen on screen. Watch this film for a mesmerizing visual treat of beings from the other world.

10 Most Visually Stunning Films of All Times

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