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10 Most Romantic Movies of 2020

Dec. 11. 2020

2020 may have been a bad year for everything else, but it has been quite the year for love! As lovers across the world found new ways to stay in touch and be in love, films also added to the charm with a row of romantic films that released. Here are some of the most romantic films of 2020:

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert resort in California. The story follows two people who meet at a wedding in the resort. They get stuck in a time loop and the film alternates between being a romantic comedy and a science fiction drama. The film is a fun, breezy take on romance and has all the adventures of new people finding love. The performances, execution, and visuals complement the complex character of the narrative, yet make the film a very enjoyable watch. This story of science intersecting romance is definitely one of the best romantic films of 2020.

The High Note

A musical love story, this film is about a young assistant to a famous musician. She wants to produce music instead of being an assistant and when she expresses her interest to her boss, what unfolds is a magical journey of self-fulfillment and finding love. Set in a happy, simple tone, the film offers all the warmth of a good romantic movie. The element of music is present throughout the narrative, making the film a very engaging watch.

The Photograph

This is the story of the estranged daughter of a famous photographer who sets out to know more about her mother. In the process, she falls in love with the journalist who is investigating her mother’s life. The film unfolds beautifully with some tender yet striking romance. The chemistry between the characters is spot on, and the narrative ties together themes of affection, loss, consolation, and romance very effectively. True to its genre and immensely beautiful in its execution, this is definitely one of the most romantic films of 2020.

The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds is a romantic comedy that is a perfect blend of humor and love. It focuses on a couple who have been married for 4 years. They argue constantly and have quite many problems in their marriage. On a drive, they decide to part ways and, in the process, the distracted husband hits a cyclist on the road. What unfolds is the story of how these two people end up in a tangled mess involving a mystery. The film is equal parts fun, curious and romantic. It is a breezy watch for people who love to see lovers get into trouble for no fault of their own!

All The Bright Places

This is a movie based on a young adult novel of the same title. It revolves around two teenagers who meet at a time when both of them are contemplating suicide. They help each other as they understand each other well, and work together on a school project which brings them closer. Packing in all the elements of a young romance, this film was one of the most-watched romantic movies of 2020. It has a very fresh charm to it and the story is extremely relatable to people across ages.

Chemical Hearts

Yet another story about young love, this film follows a teenage boy who is a hopeless romantic. He aspires to be a writer and meets a girl at school while working on the editorial of a high school newspaper. Reluctant to open up to him at first, she slowly begins to let him into her messed up life and what unfolds on screen is a beautiful romance that is warm and lasting. The film has some amazing performances and good music. Young love has perhaps never looked so charming on screen in recent times.


Lonely and single at Christmas, a woman decides to bring a date to her family to avoid being taunted for not being in a relationship. The two agree to be each other’s pretend partners for family holidays and keep to plan. But things have a way of messing up, especially when two young, single people are involved! The film is a fun take on being single late into your 20s and being the butt of family jokes about singledom. Romance is portrayed with ease in the film which makes it easily relatable and a fun watch.

After We Collided

A sequel to After (2019), the film is yet another young romance that has a repressed, rather lonely girl struggling with her relationship. It has all the tropes of a young romance movie, yet, the film manages to keep its pace. Filled with cute incidents from the lives of the characters, the film showcases the many romantic possibilities of youth. The characters are lively and full of zest. They bring to life a phase in life that almost everyone likes to remember with a sense of adventure.


Wesley is a young woman who desperately wants to settle down in her romantic life. She goes on several dates but comes back disappointed. Finally, she meets a man who she thinks she wants to marry. In an attempt to keep him, she pretends to be who he likes and gets intimate with him. But he vanishes suddenly and she and her friends write an abusive email to him in rage. He reaches out days later informing that he has been in an accident. Determined to delete the email before he reads it, she makes a trip to where he is, to save her love life. Watch what happens in the end, in what can be called one of the best romantic comedies of 2020!

Love, Guaranteed

A fun take on online dating and new age love, this film follows Susan, who goes undercover to investigate the efficiency of an online dating app, Love, Guaranteed. She focuses on the case of a man, a client of the website who has had several dates but no luck. She observes his latest date to find out what problems occur and, in the process, starts getting closer to him. The film is a fun and relatable ride of romance and complexity – two complementary themes in the online dating scenario.

10 Most Romantic Movies of 2020

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