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10 Inspiring Films About Strong Women

Feb. 15. 2021

Strong women may fight harder battles, but what makes them inspiring is how they push through and come out as examples for everyone. Here are some films with strong female characters that you must not miss:

The Devil Wears Prada

This is a film with two great female leads. It focuses on a girl dreaming to become a journalist and lands a job as an assistant to the demanding editor-in-chief of a major fashion magazine in New York City. Meryl Streep shines as the difficult and demanding editor whereas Anne Hathaway juggles her role as the bewildered assistant with a wild sense of conviction. This film is definitely a great watch that inspires.


This is an animated film about a skilled archer named Merida who chooses her own path in life, defying the powerful Scottish clans and their leaders. She goes to a recluse for advice, who not only refuses to help but imposes a dangerous spell on Merida. This young princess then emerges strong and relies on her own bravery to break the powerful curse. This film is a lovely, inspiring film about a young girl’s journey from strength to strength.

Mamma Mia!

This is a story about a young girl named who is going to get married. She dreams of a traditional wedding ceremony, and she wants nothing more than her father to give her away at the altar. The problem is that she doesn’t know who her father is, since her mother has not ever mentioned him. The film has many moments of mother-daughter bonding and conflicts which bring out their strengths and vulnerabilities.

The Hunger Games

This is part of one of the most successful film trilogies in the history of cinema, starring Jennifer Lawrence. The film tells the story of a girl whose life quickly turned into a struggle for survival. The character is strong-willed, determined and so kickass that you cannot help but fall in love with her zest for life. This is yet another lovely female character we cannot forget.


In this movie, Angelina Jolie plays a CIA agent who somehow manages to avoid prison after she’s accused of being a Russian spy. She now tries to clear her name out of these accusations and start clean. The film is anchored on her character that is edgy, agile, and has some really deep-seated emotional variations. This character is again, another unforgettable female lead in contemporary cinema.

Black Swan

This is a phenomenal film that is considered a classic. The plot revolves around a prima ballet dancer who competes with a new rival for leading roles. With performance day coming closer, the level of competitive intrigue becomes higher and higher. Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassel are magnificent in their lead roles as ambitious, flawed, and extremely relatable women who are pitted against each other. The film offers a lot of inner strength that is brought through these splendid women characters.


This is an iconic film with Monica Bellucci playing Malena, a beautiful widow who is the obsession of every man and the envy of every woman. The women keep spreading dirty rumors about Malena, and the men keep dreaming of her. A stunning combination of femininity and strength possessed by the female lead makes this film brilliant. It is a reminder of how difficult it is for a woman to navigate life. It also shows how capable this woman is to retain her personality against all odds.


This is a biopic of the Mexican painter and icon Frida Kahlo. Salma Hayek plays the lead in this really intense film that showcases her outstanding professional achievements and reveals her true life story. Frida was fire, and the film brings out all her nuanced intensities very well. She is not only an inspiration to artists but also all women because of how she navigated life even in the face of medical and emotional turbulences.

Kill Bill

At a wedding ceremony, a pregnant bride, who is also an assassin whose code name is Black Mamba, is shot and seriously wounded by a man, named Bill. The bullet hits her in the head but doesn’t kill her. After being in a coma for four years, the bride awakens, eager to find people who betrayed her. This is a brilliant two-part film about the central female lead who plots her revenge. Uma Thurman plays the character and is so amazing that many scenes in the film will make you want to clap and salute this woman.


Juno is a high school student who discovers that she’s pregnant. The girl finds a couple who wish to adopt her unborn child. Being so young, she must find answers to difficult questions. The film is about how she navigates such an intense, confusing predicament and arrives at a decision. Juno is a film that really moves you with its subtle, charming intensity. The character is self-aware even at a young age, making her an inspiration for women. A lot of scenes etch the conflicts of being a young woman and in the end, it all becomes so inspiring.

10 Inspiring Films About Strong Women

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