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10 Iconic 90s Movie That Worth Watching

Nov. 01. 2021

The ’90s were characterized by a cinema that was thematically innovative. Some of the films from those times have become cult classics now. Here are a few amazing 90’s films you can watch:

Schindler’s List

Based on a true story, the film is about a couple who employ more than a thousand Jews in their factories to help them evade Nazi prosecution in Germany. Highly acclaimed critically and otherwise, this is the film the won Steven Spielberg his first Oscar. The film is intense, haunting, and very moving. Considered a timeless piece of cinema, it is still one of the most recommended movies of all time.

The Truman Show

This is yet another film with an innovative storyline. Truman Burbank’s every move is being watched by several cameras in what is a long continuing reality show. He has no clue that he is the protagonist of the world he takes for real. When he finds out, he gets desperate to end this and find a way out. The film was quite ahead of its time in concept but watching it now feels like it was made for our times!

Shawshank Redemption

A story of the tight-knit friendship between two inmates at one of the most unforgiving prisons of the country, this is yet another classic film that has inspired people across generations. The dialogues have been immortalized through repeated usage by viewers and fans. Great performances, excellent cinematography, and brilliant craft come together to make this film a work of great art.

Before Sunrise

This is the first part of Richard Linklater’s trilogy known as the Before Trilogy. The film tells the story of Celine and Jessie, two youngsters who meet accidentally and spend a day together before going their own ways. It is a film that focuses on the conversations between the two characters and is deeply reflective on many themes ranging from love, music, politics to art, literature, and culture. If you like films with lesser characters and more conversations, this is for you.

Thelma and Louise

The gold standard for onscreen female friendship, Thelma and Louise is a must watch road movie about two friends who set out on a journey that turns bloody. Adventurous, bold and extremely entertaining, the film showed women in a separate individual light, taking charge of themselves without the overarching patronage of male characters. If you love films with strong women characters in the lead, this is for you.


This is a crime thriller about a husband who hires kidnappers to abduct his wife so that he can claim an exorbitant amount from her father as ransom. Though paced as a thriller, the film also has comic elements about how the plan sometimes feels like it is bound to fail. The actors have all done an amazing job and the screenplay is absolutely engaging. If you are looking to watch some chase, twists, and fun, this is your movie.


Directed by the ever-brilliant Martin Scorsese, this is the story of the rise and fall of a mobster. Though based on the lives of criminals, the film does not glorify violence or bloodshed. This is one of the things that makes the film stand out amongst other films in the same genre. The film packs some great performances and memorable moments making it one of the most-watched films even today.

Pretty Woman

This is the film that sealed Julia Roberts’ career as an undeniable star. She played Vivian, a prostitute hired by a wealthy businessman to accompany him to meets and parties. Over their time spent at events, the duo develops affection for each other. The film has some of cinema’s best-written dialogues and Roberts does an absolutely amazing job at being Vivian on screen.

The Silence of The Lambs

Another timeless classic from the ’90s, this is the story of an FBI trainee who seeks the help of Dr. Hannibal, a psychiatrist, cannibal, and serial killer to throw insights into a difficult case she is investigating. The film is scary and might give you some goosebumps but it is one of the films that must not be missed by any film lover. Anthony Hopkins stuns as Dr. Hannibal. He is the life of the film and you will surely agree after you are done watching.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump, the titular character is unforgettable. This film is now a cult classic and its dialogues have been repeated and used on merchandise, books, artworks, etc. Watch this film to see the world through the beautiful eyes of Forrest Gump, a slightly slow to react but extremely lovable character. Tom Hanks gives the performance of a lifetime as Forrest and the film benefits hugely from his nuanced portrayal.

10 Iconic 90s Movie That Worth Watching

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