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10 Feel-Good Movies to Make You Forget 2020

Dec. 05. 2020

The lockdown, isolation, and general sense of despair that 2020 inflicted on the world is not easy to get past. Here are some feel-good films to forget the negativity of the year:

Little Miss Sunshine

This is a fun drama about a family that travels across the country to accompany their daughter who wants to participate in a beauty pageant. The journey has in store for quite many twists and turns that they are completely unaware of. The film packs all the exciting incidents that ensue during their journey and how they overcome them as a family. The humor is natural and stems from the situational slip-ups of the family members trying to navigate obstacles.

We’re the Millers

This is a hilarious crime comedy about a drug dealer who is forced by his boss to smuggle drugs from Mexico. He decides to execute the task by road and pretends to be on a family road trip. He gets a stripper, a petty thief, and a teenage neighbor to be his fake family members. What follows is a fun ride about how they manage to complete the task. The film is a riot of good humor and is sure to keep you hooked.

The Holiday

This is the story of two girls who swap homes in different cities, to get away from their personal troubles during the holiday season. They expect that a change of scene will help them to relax. But what they least expect is their lives to change in the way it does. The film is a warm, feel-good, hopeful tale about how life is full of surprises. It is an optimistic entertainer that is perfect to watch when you feel that the world around is becoming too negative.

Bad Moms

Mothers are the most exhausted group of people on the planet! Tired of keeping up to speed with domestic responsibilities and work, their lives have lots of elements that can be tapped into. This is a film about a few exhausted moms who take a well-deserved break to relax. But they are soon pitted against the perfect PTA queen mother from their neighborhood. The story is extremely relatable and breaks down the “perfect mother” stereotype and presents mothers are normal human beings who are tired and need help. It is a fun take on a serious issue, which makes it all the more watchable.

Pretty Woman

This is an iconic film about a rich businessman who forms a warm, unexpected bond with a local escort. The story is moving with its moments of emotional honesty. The characters are real and relatable, leaving an unforgettable mark on the viewer with their depth and ease. This is a film that is loved by movie buffs the world over. It is a lovely film to watch when you want to feel good about yourself and life.

The Devil Wears Prada

Meryl Streep shines in this comedy about the fashion business in New York. She is the ruthless head of the biggest fashion magazine where a young intern joins. She gives the girl hell, but the newbie is determined to hang on and impress her boss. What follows is a fun story of how the duo tries to find a balance. The narrative is rich with fashion anecdotes, the complexities of the corporate world, and the adventures of a young aspiring girl trying to hold on to everything she can to survive.

The Sound of Music

A young woman is sent to the house of a retired naval officer and widower, to be the governess to his seven children. Through music, hope, and love, she brings light and cheers to their lives. The film is a musical with beautiful moments. It is an optimistic take on life, something that is absolutely necessary in today’s times. Watch it to feel warm and fuzzy in your heart, on a bad day.


A full-blown comedy with female protagonists, this is the story of a wedding. A chef is asked by her friend to be her bridesmaid. Things go haywire after she develops issues with other bridesmaids and the wedding is about to get ruined. The film deals with how these women manage the situation. The narrative is hilarious with its moments of natural humor. Watch this film for a breezy, exciting, fun take on weddings, friendship, and honest mistakes.

When Harry Met Sally

This is a breezy romantic comedy about two people who meet by chance. Five years later, they meet again and are forced to face their feelings for each other. This is a feel-good film about chance encounters and hopeful love that has by now become a cult classic among rom coms. It elevates the genre from mere superficial storylines to something of substance. Watch this film to feel good about everything life throws at you, when you feel nothing is working quite right.


Moana is an animated adventure film that is one for all seasons. It is the story of a young girl who is chosen by the ocean to reunite a long-lost goddess with a magical relic. The narrative is filled with beautiful anecdotes of hope, happiness, and survival. It is one of those adventures that will make you feel extremely in love with life. Each frame is done with such stunning perfection that you cannot help feeling cheerful, no matter how low you have been feeling.

10 Feel-Good Movies to Make You Forget 2020

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