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10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

Nov. 01. 2021

Christmas is a time when everyone is filled with excitement for new things and nostalgia for the old. Here are a few films you can watch on Disney Plus to add to the gamut of holiday emotions that you have been feeling:


Things get difficult at the North Pole when Santa Claus dies and his son is all set to take over as the next Santa. As he prepares for his task, he is helped by his sister Noelle to keep track of gifts and maintain the Christmas spirit. But one day he takes off and never returns and it is upon her to find her brother and put things in order before Christmas. Watch to find out how she saves Christmas for everyone, it is not the ending you might be anticipating, because it is even better!

12 Dates of Christmas

Kate finds herself reliving Christmas eve over and over again. The same kinds of things keep happening, including a date with a man named Miles. She wishes to break this cycle and move ahead and pursue her ex-boyfriend and set her life straight. But the holiday season is one of the miracles and life has other plans for Kate. Watch to find out what she does.

Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!

Based on Disney’s original series Good Luck Charlie, this is a fun Christmas comedy film that is apt for the season. The film is about the Duncan family who set out on a Christmas road trip to Amy Duncan’s parents’ house. This obviously does not go well and the family is faced with all kinds of odds on the way. Nothing seems to be right about this whole idea and they have to deal with themselves and the cranky Duncan household all at once!


This is the story of an over-enthusiastic woman who is obsessed with Christmas. She travels into the Christmas village inside her snowglobe and spends her time in the enchanted place to fulfill her love for the season’s magic. But she soon realizes that her transportation into magic is affecting the real world and she must find a way to strike balance. Watch to find out how that goes for her.

‘Twas The Night

A young man gets into trouble with some hard-boiled criminals. He must hide for a while and he takes off to stay with his brother’s family during Christmas. Things take a fun turn when he discovers a device that can freeze time. Who gave it to him? Santa of course! Watch this film for a bit of magic, joy, reality, and lots of Christmas goodness.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

A few naughty kids set out to meet Santa. They discover that Santa has weather making machine with which he makes it snow every Christmas season. The kids sneak out of the machine to make it snow in Los Angeles. What follows is the price they have to pay for messing with the forces of nature. Watch how these brats team up with Santa to solve the mess they have made.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

What is Christmas without a little bit of your favorite Disney characters?! This is an hour-long anthology of Christmas-themed stories featuring some of Disney’s most classic characters. Watch all your childhood favorites come together in this lovely ensemble of fun, fantasy, and nostalgia. This is a film that is sure to get you back to your fondest childhood memories. If you can watch it with your kids, double the joy!

Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

The good old fairy tale with a Christmas twist! What is to not love about that!! This is a beautiful re-telling of Beauty and The Beast about how the Christmas spirit brings all the people in the castle closer to one another and eventually softens the beast. This is a perfect watch to usher in the holiday spirit and to make merry in the comfort of the hope and joy it brings forth.

One Magic Christmas

This one is a true heart-warmer that tells the story of a mother who is struggling with her kids. She is having a very tough time during Christmas and an angel is sent to watch on her family. This is the perfect guardian-angel movie for the season if you are one of those people who like to believe that Christmas brings with it the possibility of miracles and positive changes in life.

The Muppet Christmas

Yet another version of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, this is the story of how the stingy, grumpy Mr. Scrooge is taught the true meaning of Christmas by his Muppet friends. The Christmas Carol is almost the world’s most-read/watched story around Christmas time. This is another fun adaptation of the same with a heart so big that it will definitely make you cry a bit. But do not worry, these are the good kind of tears!

10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

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