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Christmas movies on Hulu

10 Christmas Films to Watch on Hulu

Dec. 21. 2020

Hey you, Santa Claus is coming to town! So spread the cheer of the holiday season with some amazing Christmas movies on Hulu. Here are a few you can watch and enjoy:

Happiest Season

We all are fans of Schitt’s Creek and Dany Levy aren’t we?! Dan Levy stars with Kristin Stewart in this holiday romantic comedy that is fun, and perfect to snuggle up and watch. The film is the story of a lesbian couple who goes over to one of their parents’ homes for Christmas. Turns out, not both of them have come out to their family and what follows is how the couple tries to keep it together and prevent the holiday season from being bombed with their secret!

His and Her Christmas

This is a fun story of two journalists working with rival newspapers. They are both single and their family constantly keeps setting them up with potential partners. When one newspaper acquires the other, the two of them come in conflict with who is better at what and the film unfolds into a fun romantic drama that entertains and much as it tugs at the heart.

The Secret of the Nutcracker

This is the story of little Clara who takes off on a journey on Christmas eve to find her father. All she wants for Christmas is to be with her father and he is being held captive in a camp for World War 2 prisoners. Clara sets off determined to find him and help him, a huge task for a child but what follows is how she experiences a Christmas miracle. Tender, moving, and extremely engaging, this is a film that will definitely fill your heart with joy and optimism.

Pixi Saves Christmas

This is an animated film about a brave, steadfast elf who tries to save Christmas from an evil ex- Christmas genie who tries to take away all the season’s magic and cheer. For years the genies have come together to spread joy, but now one of them has decided to mess it up for power and domination. The other genies led by a smart little elf get to the task of stopping evil and restoring the Christmas goodness. Watch this film for a fun take on the good versus evil theme, told in a spectacularly engaging manner.

Holly’s Holiday

Holly is all set to enjoy her perfect holiday. She has a job she likes and is happy. The only thing she wants is the perfect man to sweep her off her feet. Finally, Holly meets the man only to find out that he is nothing but a mannequin who has come to life! She remembers wishing to meet someone like the mannequin while passing by the store in which it has been on display and to her shock, her wish seems to have come true in the most unexpected way. Watch to find out if Holly feels this is the perfect match for her!

12 Dog Days Till Christmas

A troubled teenager is assigned to an animal rescue shelter by his probation officer as part of his community service allotment. He finds himself in a tricky situation when he is supposed to find adoptive homes for 12 dogs before Christmas. The film, as one can infer, is full of dogs and how human beings are often helped by their pets to overcome the bad days. Usher in the festive holiday spirit with these enthusiastic dogs who are sure to steal your heart away!

Every Other Holiday

Recently separated couple with two daughters decides to spend the Christmas together as a family for their children. The reunion is not as easy as they think it is. Old feelings and resentments pop up between the couple who have to keep it together for their girls. But Christmas is a season of magic, and the holiday cheer offers the couple some space to rethink their lost love, perhaps making their children’s wishes come true. Watch to find out how it goes for this family.

Married by Christmas

Sisters Katie and Carrie figure out that the first of them to get married will inherit the family business. Katie already has her wedding planned for Christmas and Carrie realizes she must hurry! This is a fun comedy about how the sisters try to outdo each other to get hold of the inheritance that they both badly need. But all is not easy when you are competing with family. Watch to find out how the sisters deal with their lives this holiday season.

My Dad is Scrooge

This is a fun Christmasy fantasy film where two kids embark on a journey to make their dad a better person in the holiday season. He tries to evict the residents of a local farm after giving them a foreclosure notice. The kids take the help of a few talking farm animals and make attempts to persuade their father to not take their home away from them. In this endearing film about kindness and joy, everything comes together perfectly to form a story that will make you a bit sift in the heart!

A Magic Christmas

A modest, middle-aged man finds himself and his bakery business in a rut. He is unable to give his family the comforts they desire and he keeps feeling more and more apart from his kids. So they decide to go to a cabin in the woods to bond and spend time together as a family. But the trip seems to be doomed from the start and what follows is the host of problems they get into and how they pull together as a family.

10 Christmas Films to Watch on Hulu

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