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10 Best TV Series on Netflix Right Now

Jan. 28. 2021

From action to drama to comedy, we have got one for all kinds of viewers. Here are some amazing shows on Netflix that you can stream right away:

Altered Carbon

This is a sensational science fiction adventure that was a rage when it first came out. It is the story of a prisoner who is awakened 250 years after being put on ice with a mission to solve a murder for his freedom. The series has amazing visuals and some really twisted scientific fantasy scenes that are extremely immersive. The effects take the cake and are complemented by the performances and music.


This is a vigilante story similar to the Batman franchise. The protagonist is a rich spoilt man who turns to heroism, but his weapons are the old-school bows and arrows. Exciting isn’t it? The series is entertaining and action-packed with its moments of heroic redemptions and vulnerabilities. It is something that has the potential to easily get you hooked on it once you start.

Orange Is the New Black

This is a series you must have heard of. It is quite popular and rightfully so. The series follows a group of prison inmates from diverse backgrounds finding their way in and out. It is easily one of the most varied sets of characters you will see and this is a show that is long and has the potential for a good binge-watch session spanning over weeks. It is intense, witty and immersive, making it one of the most popular Netflix originals on the platform right now.


This is a fun, twisted miniseries that is perfect for a short but immersive watch. The story follows a man and woman who enter multiple stories in a dream state. The narrative is stylish, sophisticated, and also very innovative. It is equally mind-bending and also entertaining. The fact that Netflix green lighted this show is testimony to their commitment to air diverse kinds of content and thanks to them, we get to watch a series like this!


This is another interesting take on the Batman universe. It focuses on the childhood of Bruce Wayne and gives a lot more detailed, layered view of the villains and the entire atmosphere of crime and violence in Gotham. This series is a treat for all the Batman fans and geeks out there. It also adds to the franchise by turning the clock on the backstories that we do not see in the films. This is also one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now that you can binge.


This is a fun series that tells the story of a twisted family of many members. It wraps together comedy, emotions and a lot of exciting anecdotes about staying together as a family. It is one of the most entertaining comedies on the platform that is long and loved by the audience. It is a soothing watch if you are looking for something breezy and nice to binge on. The emotions are feel good, and the actors, especially the kids are adorable.

F is for Family

This is one of the most unique animated Netflix original shows that has a large fan following even today. It is set in the 1970s when times were simpler and tells the story of the Murphy family. The story follows Frank who works at the airport while supporting his wife and three kids. The humor is quite on the point and the series deals with family troubles in a very relatable, entertaining way. This is definitely a must-watch for animation lovers.

The Walking Dead

This is a show that is all about the zombie apocalypse. It is one of the most watched and loved shows on Netflix as it is brilliant in its making and themes. The zombie angle is one that is much explored in pop culture and visual content, but this series does handle it differently. It layers the stories of each character with some unique angles that make the episodes very interesting to watch.


This is a series that made a huge noise for its popularity when it first arrived on Netflix. Millions of fans were instantly formed for Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who is the focus of the series. Later, the storyline also shifted to other drug lords and drug cartels. This series is till date one of the most watched and awaited one on Netflix. It is shot well and written with a sense of detailing that has won the hearts of all gangster/drug lord story lovers world over.

Bojack Horseman

Yet another hugely popular animated series, this is the story of a tormented horseman who tries to make a comeback into life. This is not only one of the most loved shows on Netflix, but also one of the smartest. It deals with sensitive issues such as mental illness and sexuality all in a way that is both comic and also extremely deep. The intense core of its comic writing is what makes it light and hard-hitting all at once.

10 Best TV Series on Netflix Right Now

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