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10 Best Show To Watch On Prime Video

Mar. 13. 2021

Here are some of the best shows on Prime Video for your binge-watching days:

American Gods

Based on Neil Gaiman’s bestselling book of the same title, American Gods is the tale of fading old gods as they are replaced by new gods. They have specialties familiar to us 21st-century people. There are specific Gods for specific purposes like technology and media; connectivity and the like. This is a very dystopian, yet fun shows that is immensely imaginative. If you are a Gaiman fan, this is the show you must not miss.

Good Omens

Yet another fantasy story, this is about two men who each play an antagonistic angel and a devilish demon who were present at the beginning of the Universe. Despite their differences, they strike up a lasting friendship, and, when the time comes, they team up against all evil. This is a fun story that also critiques our ideas of right and wrong in very insightful ways. The performances are great and hold together the show really well.

The Tick

The Tick is yet another superhero series about an invulnerable hero who fights crime. He has a fun, nervous sidekick who helps him through thick and thin. The pair must find ways to intervene as the villain, The Terror returns. This is a show that has all the cool elements of a superhero story. It is incredibly engaging and has many moments that will thrill you. It was also very well received when it came out though Amazon has not confirmed the new season yet.


This is one of the most underrated comedies on Amazon. Being a first-time parent isn’t an easy job. What if you are doing it with your partner who is from another country and you don’t really know them that well? This is a fun story of two people who meet just once and discover later that they are going to be parents. The plot has all the possibilities for great humor and the series captures them brilliantly. For the kind of engaging content, this is, it is surprising that the show is not more popular.

Downtown Abbey

This is a period soap-operatic series that is all about super-rich people going about their lives. The Crawley family leads the story, as their lives are interwoven with real-life historical events like the sinking of the Titanic and World War I. With all these external events going on, the drama within the Crawleys and their servants become trickier. This is a show that can be binged on for its rich making and social critique. The performances compliment the making and it is the perfect bine watch material.


This is one of the most sensational feminist comedies on the internet. It follows the story of Fleabag, a young woman who is struggling to manage her family and personal life. She stumbles through life as her sister who is much more successful presents a threat to her and her father seems unhappy with her. This is a fun survival story of a woman caught in herself. It is also one of the most layered, political takes on womanhood.


This is a story of a counselor at a facility called Homecoming. She helps veterans transition back into civilian life after they come back from service. Or so she thinks. The show is told in flashbacks between her first day on the job and a future point in time where she’s back home with her mom. She has a very faded memory of her time at the facility and she has her own conflicts about it. This is an intense series that is backed by some stunning performances.


This is a peculiar, engaging story of a 28-year old girl who can’t find her place in the world. Feeling disconnected from the world as her younger sister is almost getting married, she finds herself thrown into a car crash. Later, she figures out that she can jump through time. This new gift allows her to interact with her deceased father and what unveils is a mystery that is unraveled with the help of her father. This is an absolutely immersive watch, perfect to binge on.

The Expanse

This is a science fiction thriller about our future as mankind. It tells the story of us, many years from now. Mankind sprawls into the universe, taking command of everything it lays hands on. Mars is an independent military power, and at war with Earth. The scenes and settings are very imaginative and edgy, yet extremely relatable for us. It is shot well and made with a sense of conviction that it becomes instantly connected to the viewer.

Black Books

This is a series with its heart in the right place. It is the story of Black, a sarcastic bookstore owner whose concept of a good day at work involves no customers and lots of wine. He is constantly lonely and longs for a romantic partner. When he hires help and becomes friends with his neighbor, he slowly discovers the joys of having friends and meeting people. This show has great moments, good one-liners, and a plot that will keep you engaged.

10 Best Show To Watch On Prime Video

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