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10 Best Noir Movies To Watch This Weekend

Jul. 10. 2021

Film Noir is a French expression used to depict films that have a stylish storytelling pattern and deal with introspective themes like human lust, revenge, quest for adventure and connection. Most of them have an investigator or a detective agent as the lead. Here are a few recommendations from the genre for those of you who would like to experiment with themes:

The Asphalt Jungle

Stylish, thrilling and very racy, this is the story of a jewel robbery. A classic in this genre this is a film that reflects the true essence of noir as a category of films.

Kiss Me Deadly

A female hitchhiker escapes from a psychiatric hospital and gets picked up by a private investigator. What follows is a story of unravelling that takes the viewer on a journey of questions and answers that unfold in the most thrilling way.


Gilda is a quintessential film noir work that tells the story of a woman, a young thug. It combines style, love, intrigue, crime and an unforgettable female protagonist all in one. Watch it for some real femme fatale moments on screen!

The Sweet Smell of Success

This is a film about white collar robbery. Different from the usual narratives about theft that happen amongst the more underprivileged sections, this is the story of bribery, corruption, politics and media that unfolds before the viewer with great style.

Out of the Past

This film is one of the best executions of the noir genre. It follows two men and a woman, and the web of lies, betrayal and revenge that plagues them all eventually. The film was widely acclaimed and watched and is hailed as one of the top noir works of all time.

In A Lonely Place

A film that follows the inner workings of Hollywood, In A Lonely Place is a story about creative minds that go awry into dark holes of thought. Stunning cinematography and memorable performances come together in this film to give an experience of noir like none other.

Sunset Boulevard

One of the most rated noir films ever, this is the story of a struggling screenwriter and a former actress of silent films. She tries to lure him to her in order to make a comeback in films and the film takes on into the fantasy world of writers and actors. This is a film that is referred to as one of the most culturally and aesthetically significant works of cinema of all times.

Double Indemnity

You cannot speak about film noir without mentioning Double Indemnity. The story revolves around an insurance salesman and a wife who wishes her husband dead. Unfolding around the double indemnity clause in insurance where an accidental death of the policy holder doubles the insurance money, this is a story of thrill, revenge, greed and style.

The Reckless Moment

This is a melodrama that tells the story of a mother who meets a local thug to request him to stop seeing her young daughter. The story is filled with deeply conflicting incidents that are intriguing, dramatic and very engaging.

Murder, My Sweet

This is a film that influenced the expansion and experimentations in the film noir genre. Centered around a temporarily blinded detective, this is a story about regret, crime and investigation. All the classic elements of noir films come together in this exciting piece of cinema.

10 Best Noir Movies To Watch This Weekend

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