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10 Best Netflix Movies of 2020

Dec. 20. 2020

Netflix has been our savior in 2020. The platform has put out content that has helped us survive the year that brought our lives to a standstill. Here are some of the best Netflix films of 2020 to watch:

Lost Girls

This is a hard-hitting film about a mother who sets out to find her missing daughter. She is tired of the inefficiency of the police system and launches this personal investigation. But eventually, this also leads the police to uncover the mystery of many murdered sex workers. The film is sharp in its critique of gender-based violence and it has an emotional core that is relatable for any woman. It also addresses themes like crime, the loopholes in the justice system.

Over The Moon

This is a stunning animated film about a young girl who sets out to meet the Moon goddess in a spaceship. She expects to bring back her dead mother’s memories by meeting this goddess from legends but has to turn things around when she realizes who the goddess actually is. This is a fun, warm film that is sure to engage viewers of all age groups. The characters are real and relatable, and the makers have made it a point to bring out the heart of the story in beautiful ways.


This is a Korean film about a zombie apocalypse. It tells the story of a gamer who is stuck in his apartment when the city is being torn apart by zombies. Dystopian in its setting, the emotions are very haunting and seem as if they could happen to us in the near future. The film packs thrill, fear, uncertainty, and isolation very well to bring out the story of human survival and hope. Though scary, the film is one that will reinforce your faith in the power of determination.


Here is a film for wine geeks and lovers. This is the story of a young man who ventures out against the wishes of his family to become a master sommelier. He is expected to join his family’s barbeque business but his love for wine puts him on a different trajectory. The film speaks about doing what one loves and finding ways to support one’s own dreams. It has been a while since we have had a film about wine, and this one is a great refill!

Horse Girl

This is a film about a young girl who tries to battle her own demons. It is a complicated story about how she fights herself, and also tries to make sense of the world on the go. The film reflects on themes of mental health, self-recovery, social norms, and fitting into the needs of other people. The climax is full of surprises and it has to be watched to be experienced in all its glory.

The Trial of Chicago 7

This is one of the most sensational Netflix films of 2020. It is a historical drama about seven anti-Vietnam war protestors who are charged with conspiracy for transgressing state lines in Chicago. This is a gripping drama that brings out the complexities of justice, war, freedom of expression, and the unflinching power of human perseverance. It is a film that must be watched because it critiques the present-day world of ours in very poignant ways.

The Old Guard

This is a fun superhero film about a few centuries-old mercenaries who live in hiding. They have magical powers to heal themselves. They discover that some people may have discovered their secrets, and must embark on a journey to protect themselves. This is a superhero film that has a warm plotline at its heart. The performances are exciting and it is one of the better Netflix films of 2020.


This is one of the most anticipated releases of 2020. Directed by David Fincher, the film is based on a screenplay written by his father about the Hollywood screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. It explores the struggles of a writer, the changing dynamics of the film industry, and the various complexities of living a creative life. The biographical drama brings out the scathing wit of Mankiewicz with a sharp sense of commitment and sophistication that only David Fincher can pull off.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Written and directed by Charlie Kauffman, this is a psychological thriller film that got mixed reviews. It is very inward and reflective of how we look at ourselves in relation to the world, our aspirations, and expectations. The story is set in motion after a couple goes on a drive to the man’s family. Once his girlfriend meets them, she thinks about their relationship and whether she wants to end it. It puts into context their entire relationship and how both of them feel about each other and life.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

This is a musical comedy that focuses on the lives of two aspiring pop singers from a small-town. They go to a huge national contest where they have to prove themselves to get to their dreams. The plot is full of twists and turns that pertain to the obstacles the two characters face on stage and off stage. This is a fun film about how people struggle in their dream life and overcome barriers to really do what they are passionate about.

10 Best Netflix Movies of 2020

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