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10 Best Netflix Animes For Hardcore Fans Only

Jan. 22. 2021

Anime is a Japanese style of animated films which are imaginative and impactful. They are suited for both children and adults with their many layers of storytelling. Here are a few amazing animes on Netflix that you can watch:

Food Wars

This is a series for all food and culinary lovers out there. It is the story of a young chef who is happy cooking at a small family-run eatery. He gets thrust into a culinary school where he is pit against some of the world’s best cooks. The film follows his struggles, aspirations, and passion for food. It is also a mouth-watering experience where food is animated with such stunning details that you will definitely feel hungry after watching. Don’t tell us we did not warn you!


This is a chilling psychological thriller about a young boy who has the ability to travel back in time whenever something horrible happens in his vicinity. He uses this power to stop any mishaps from occurring. But when he encounters a serial killer, he must make a journey back in time that will stop the killer from executing the act. The film is a thrilling experience that blends fiction and fantasy in the right amounts. Watch it if you love films that immerse you in their world.

Blue Exorcist

This is a series that is full of intrigue and spine-chilling scenes. It follows a young boy who discovers that he is the son of Satan. It shows how the boy makes peace with his destiny and uses it to navigate his life and relationships. It also documents the conflicts of being born with a streak of evil and how that might meddle with a person’s attempts to live a modest life. This is one for the lovers of drama and a bit of spooky horror.

One Piece

This is undisputedly one of the best anime series ever. It follows a young, good-hearted pirate who sets out to find the “One Piece” that will make him the true king of all pirates. It has all elements of emotional ups and downs in it. It is racy, sentimental, witty, and packed with action. Many of the scenes are overwhelming and impactful. It is a complete package of all kinds of emotions you are looking for in a series.

No Game, No Life

This is a fascinating 12-part anime series about two pro gamers. They defeat God in an online gaming match and become Gods themselves. They are then thrust into a world where decisions are made based on winning or losing games. This is a film that bends your imagination and crosses over faith and technology. It is an edgy, modern re-telling of how ethics and science sometimes collide, making it hard to arrive at value-based decisions. Watch it for a one-of-a-kind experience that will definitely blow your mind away.


This is an amazing medieval fantasy anime series that follows the last surviving member of a clan. He tries to save the place from Dracula and what unfolds is a stunning series based on revenge, war, action, and drama. The animation is outstanding and it is one of the most popular anime series on Netflix now. It is unprecedented in its imaginative brilliance and the scenes are set in such a way that you cannot help believe in this world that is solely based on imagination.


This is the story of young, adolescent love. It follows lovers who elope to live their dreams. They find a magic ball that enables them to reset time. But each reset has its own implications and the story deals with how these young dreamers figure their life out in between this. The story seems like a flamboyant romance at the surface. But as you watch further, it develops deep layers that are very immersive and impactful.


This is an endearing story of a little boy who finds out that he is about to have a younger sister, Mirai. He struggles to cope with the loss of his parents’’ attention and having to share his life with a new member. To avoid facing this, he discovers a portal in his garden that allows him to travel in time and meet some magical characters. The story then follows how he deals with his life, fantasies, and his sibling’s arrival. This is a heart-warming tale that is fun and memorable to watch.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower

This is a sweet little story about a girl Mary. She finds herself alone and bored in a city of adults. To fight her boredom, she ventures into the forest and finds a magic flower that allows her to be a witch for one night. But Mary gets into trouble with some magical characters in her attempt to get back to her normal life from her witch transformation. The story is simple yet layered with the inner world of a small girl who is trying to be loved and heard.

Flavors of Youth

This combines three different stories of youth from different parts of the country. While one is about the nostalgia of noodles in a bowl, the other is about finding the way back home. All three stories showcase different shades of lost youth and reflect upon themes of growing up and coming to terms with life. They are extremely relatable and animated with utmost attention to detail. They bring out ease and nostalgia in us that is a bittersweet experience.

10 Best Netflix Animes For Hardcore Fans Only

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