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10 Best Horror Comedies that Are Actually Creepy

Feb. 05. 2021

Horror comedy is an interesting genre to watch when you cannot decide whether you want to laugh or scream! Here are some of the best horror comedies you can watch for scary laughs with an optimum dose of creepy:


This is a science fiction horror comedy that is absolutely wild and witty. If you are a fan of monsters like Frankenstein, this film is for you. The story revolves around a scientist who thinks he had found the method to re-animate dead tissues. Lab experiments, scares, crazy monsters – this film has them all. The plot is supported by the electric performances of the actors and the film keeps you on edge from start to finish.

Dead Alive

This is a grotesque but hilarious film about a young man kept under the custody of his oppressive mother. Soon, he falls in love and tries to break free. But his mother’s vengeance comes after him in the form of a blood-soaked zombie outbreak. Bloody, witty, and entertaining, this is one of the maddest horror comedies of all time. The film is unhinged in its exploration of the plot and it is quite unlike anything you are used to.

Eating Raoul

This is one of the zaniest zombie horror-comedies of all time. Though it is not as gruesome as most cannibal films go, it is disturbing enough to make you creeped out. The story focuses on a condescending married couple, who are absolutely fed up of the influx of swingers and degenerates in their apartment complex. When one of these people gets aggressive with the wife, it sets off a chain of events that leads to a series of murders and an eerie people-meal. Watch the film to find out how all these elements are unpacked in this crazy film.

This Is the End

This is a fun and creepy film about the end of the world. The story follows each of the actors playing fictional versions of their famous selves as they try to survive the end of the world. Things don’t go well as all of their big egos get in the way of survival and what follows is an extremely wild experience of wit and horror. The film is a perfect blend of post-apocalyptic terror and situational jokes that are amusing and outrageous.

The Final Girls

This is a horror-slasher comedy that has a whacky storyline. It starts off as a heartwarming mother-daughter drama about a young woman grieving the loss of her mother. Her mother used to be an 80s slasher scream queen and she gets sucked into one of her most creepy films from the time. The violence is brutal and the laughs are abundant in this film that is so self-aware and entertaining.

Jennifer’s Body

This is a great horror comedy with a lot going on in the storyline. It is a demonic possession story told in a modern and innovative style that you’ll never stop being surprised where the story is leading you. It is also a smart portrayal of the nuances of female friendship. It focuses on two besties, one of whom gets possessed. The narrative unfolds when the other friend finds this out and tries to put the pieces together in the event of the boys in their small town turning up dead.


This is the story of a ghost-faced serial killer stalking a California high school. This is quite the gold standard for the genre of horror-comedy owing to its brilliant making and self-aware storytelling. The film is also scary as hell, even as it’s telling you clearly why it is scary as hell. It piles up high tension hilarity scene by scene and culminates into an entertaining film that is scary and funny in equal doses.

The Love Witch

This is the story of a perpetually single young witch who moves to a new town in search of love. But soon enough, her spells and potions which she uses to make men fall in love with her do more harm than good. Watch her do whatever it takes to find herself a man. Though it might look unconventional to us, it is the perfect portrayal of what it means to say that all is fair in love!

Cabin in the Woods

This is an absolutely immersive horror comedy film. It focuses on friends who arrive at a remote forest cabin for a vacation. One by one, they fall victim to zombies and the plot kicks off from there into a scary but funny trail of events. You may feel that the events in the film are random at first, but they are all connected, as you will soon find out. This is a film that really explores all the possibilities of the genre and it is an entertaining and terrifying watch.


This film is made up of five short stories that feature a zombie patriarch taking revenge on his money thirsty family, an uncontrollable meteorite that overwhelms a backwoods gentleman, a creature released by a man, and his male friend who uses it to enact revenge on the man’s wife that escapes after they try to drown it, a horde of cockroaches that overrun a germophobe’s apartment and a wife and her lover who are drowned by her husband but then return as waterlogged zombies to exact their revenge. There is both comic relief and plenty of eerie moments in the films. They each tell a unique story of terror and wit.

10 Best Horror Comedies that Are Actually Creepy

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