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10 Best Food-Based Shows on Netflix

Jan. 27. 2021

There is nothing like watching a food-based show to take your mind off your day. It not only makes you happy but also introduces you to exciting food that you can try out. Here are some of the best food shows on Netflix to watch:

Million Pound Menu

This is an interesting show featuring pop up chefs, home cooks, and food truck chefs. They all come together and cook for their professional futures. They are given tasks and are judged by people who are also restaurant investors. It is an exciting show because it rounds together different kinds of cooks and makes them all try out similar dishes to see how creative they can get.

Flavourful Origins

This is a show that is all about how food becomes an entire cultural phenomenon. The narrator takes you around two Chinese provinces with a detailed focus on the food culture. Farms, markets, stalls, family dining experiences, and professional kitchens all come together to give a very accurate sense of the place. The show is very aesthetic to look at and each episode is quite short in length. This is the perfect binge-watch show for a foodie.

Ugly Delicious

Chef David Chang tries to recreate an Anthony Bourdain kind of food and travel-based show where he takes you through places and cuisines. The show focuses on food as an emotional and social experience that binds the people of a place together. He also takes you to his home where he talks about the sentimentality of home-cooked food and how that is a universal emotional experience for most people.

The Chef’s Line

This is a fun food show where people are in a cooking competition. Home cooks from all over are brought into a studio kitchen to make the cuisine they love. They will be marked by chefs from a restaurant specializing in that food. It is exciting because it has personal experiences, eliminations, and tasks that spice up the whole ordeal. It is fun to watch the best chefs around the world taste food made by diverse home cooks.

Meat Eater

This show follows Steven Rinella, who has devoted his life to conservation. It is a celebration of wild foods and educating the common people on the subject. The show follows Rinella and other fellow hunters as they travel across America to hunt, fish, and cook. It is a deeply informative show as it explains about sourcing our own meat and understanding the food we eat. It is also very different in its approach. It showcases the wild, raw side of food sourcing, which is unlike the chef’s table aesthetics in most food shows.

The Great British Baking Show

This is the quintessential baking-based cooking competition that is the perfect comfort watch for baking lovers. Home bakers assemble to showcase their talents and of course, win. The show has it all — from dramatic judges to difficult recipes to all the drama as the ovens heat up and chefs run out of time. This is a very fun watch, that is sure to have you all invested when you have the time for some binge cookery watching.


This is a great show that explains food based on the elements that contribute to making it – water, fire, air, Earth. Journalist and author Michael Pollan takes a look at food from a scientific perspective and each episode looks at how fire, water, air, and the earth help us create the flavors we love. This is a show for food lovers who want to have a better understanding of what it is that makes food so incredibly unique. It is quite a revelation as to how the food we eat is a result of so many things we barely recognize.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

This is yet another food show that is also travel-based. It follows Chef Samin Nosrat who goes around the world, digging into how salt, fat, acid, and heat change food. It also speaks about how the usage of these elements in food differs drastically across cultures. Nosrat’s love for food really comes through in the show as it takes you through the beautiful dishes and locales around the world in all their glory.

Chef’s Table

This is perhaps the most sensational food show on Netflix ever. It focuses on a chef, baker, butcher, or cook who has devoted their lives to food. There’s a single personality at the center of each story that takes the episodes forward. The show explores food from the perspective of the different people who handle it and it is amazing to note how each of their relationships with food is so tuned by their roles in procuring or making it. This is also a visually stunning show that will keep you hooked.


This is an important watch to understand how the food we consume comes to our table. The series is a journalist-forward documentary covering our food supply chains and the harrowing aspects of how we get the food we eat every day. Everything from French wine to chicken comes under the radar here and there is a detailed explanation about how the supply chains are problematic and what we must do to keep in mind that the food we eat is made without exploitation.


10 Best Food-Based Shows on Netflix

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