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10 Best Comedy Shows On Netflix

Jan. 24. 2021

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Here are some of the funniest shows on Netflix that you can watch for some amazing humor.

Arrested Development

This is a fun series about a family of rich folks who have been going through some tough times. It takes you through intricately woven family dynamics with lots of situational humor. The lavish lifestyle of a rich family is critiqued in sarcastic ways that make it extremely relatable. Watch this show for some natural well-packed humor that will keep you engaged for quite a while.

The Good Place

Ever wondered what happens in the afterlife? Here is a show that takes you on a fun ride into the concept of the afterlife. It focuses on “The Good Place” which is where the nicer people go once they die but surviving in a good place is not easy as there are rules and standards you must meet. Twisted, goofy, and philosophical at the same time, this is a show that will keep your imagination occupied and your mind humored as you watch it.

Schitt’s Creek

This is the most sensational, popular, comedy series to have come out in recent times. It is the story of the Rose’s, multimillionaires who lose everything in a scam and are forced to move to a motel in a small town called Schitt’s Creek. What starts off as a story of an elite family trying to make peace with a modest lifestyle, soon layers into an exciting, heartwarming tale of determination, gratitude, and goodness. Watch this series to feel warm and fuzzy in your heart.

Sex Education

This teen comedy explores all the fun of being adolescents. The series follows a mother-son duo where the mother is a sex therapist and the son is a high school student with lots of doubts about intimacy. He soon teams up with a friend and starts an undercover sex therapy clinic in school. What follows are accounts of problems, fears, and myths that run in adolescent minds about sexual intimacy. The narrative is extremely witty and it also addresses important themes with respect to safe sex practices in the process.

Jane the Virgin

This is the story of Jane, a devout catholic, who has sworn to remain a virgin until marriage. She is accidentally injected with an artificial insemination solution during a routine gynecological visit. Unmarried, devout, virgin Jane thus becomes pregnant. What follows is how she makes peace with her predicament while managing her friends, family, and society. The narrative is layered with sarcasm and dark humor that critiques social norms and prejudices with clarity.

Derry Girls

This is a series about a group of wild, young, catholic school girls living in Northern Ireland in the early ’90s. They get into all sorts of trouble with their unflinching adventurous days. The series captures the conflict of living in a war zone and it also showcases the angst of being teenagers in a restricted environment. Watch this series for fun and layered take on adolescents and their various ways of exploring the forbidden.


This is the story of a former lawyer with a fake degree who heads to community college to get a real degree. He gets into a lot of trouble with his new peers and instructors. The series packs all kinds of bizarre happenings in the most natural, relatable ways. It is a fun adventure that marks the protagonist’s attempt to do something with a sense of integrity for the first time ever. It is as endearing as it is funny.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This is a show more layered than its name probably comes across as. It is a musical romantic comedy that explores relationships with toe-tapping music that is sure to catch your attention. The actors have excellent comic timing and there are plenty of moments that make the show a wholesome critique of themes like mental illness, isolation, and the desire to be wanted by someone else. Watch this show for a fun trippy ride into a musical, realistic yet fantasy-filled world.

Big Mouth

This is an animated comedy series with familiar voiceovers and much more familiar life discussions. It follows a group of young friends and chronicles some confusing life changes that happen to them during their puberty. The show wraps together the anxieties, meltdowns, curiosities, and angst of undergoing puberty in striking humor. The jokes are well-timed and articulated in such a way that you will remember some of the dialogues for days after you finish the series.

New Girl

This is a series about a quirky young girl who moves into an apartment with three male roommates. What starts off as a pretty straightforward, slow narrative soon snowballs into a story of questioning stereotypes, building relationships, and surviving life. The humor is very relatable and brings out ease while you watch it. The chemistry between the four main protagonists is what holds together this witty, well-timed comedy that is sure to get you hooked once you start watching.

10 Best Comedy Shows On Netflix

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