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10 Amazing Films to Wait for in 2021

Dec. 11. 2020

2021 is a year of hope even before it began. The world is looking forward to better times and the case with films is not any different. Here are some of the most anticipated releases of 2021 to wait for:

No Time to Die

Every James Bond film comes with a lot of anticipation. No Time To Die is the 25th installment in the franchise with Daniel Craig in the lead. The film follows the adventures of Bond five years after he has quit service. He is pulled into a mission to track a missing scientist and that sets the story in motion. The film is expected to have all the thrills of a Bond sequel. The cast, crew and plot, all point towards the promise of a smashing, tightly executed action thriller that will up the James Bond franchise one notch. The film is tentatively slated to release in April 2021.

A Quiet Place Part II

Sequel to A Quiet Place, this is one of the most anticipated films of 2021. This is a dystopian thriller that follows the lives of a family as they try to stay alive in the middle of an attack by monsters that hunt on the basis of sound. They try their best to be quiet while attempting to get out of town safe. The second part follows their journey of escape by exploring other dangers that lie ahead of them as they begin to lose each other to death. The first part was one of its kind in its narrative and execution. Consequentially, the second part if expected to invoke the same kind of intrigue and awe, making a film to look forward to in 2021.

Black Widow

Slated for release in November 2021, Black Widow is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. With Scarlett Johansson in the lead, the film is supposed to be the 24th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film picks up after the events of Captain America: Civil War, when the Black Widow finds herself tied to conspiracy theories and her own private history. The narrative is set around her battle against forces she cannot easily stop while also trying to make peace with events of her life much before she became an avenger.

Fast and Furious 9

The 9th instalment to the Fast and Furious franchise, this action thriller is yet another film fans are looking forward to in 2021. Schedules to release in May, the film takes off after the events of The Fate of the Furious. The protagonist Dominic’s family struggles to face assassins and fights for their lives in this sequel where revenge becomes a necessity. Packed with all the racy, edgy elements of the Fast and Furious films, this film also promises some kickass action and thrill.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Sequel to the 2 Conjuring movies and the 8th installment in the overall Conjuring universe, this supernatural horror film is also a highly anticipated release of 2021. Based on one of the most sensational cases from the files of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine, this is the story of America’s first case where a murderer claims paranormal possession as a defense. The Conjuring movies need no introduction or description. They have been chilling spines since the first film came out and this sequel is expected to be nothing short of haunting.

The Suicide Squad

Based on the DC Comics antihero team the Suicide Squad, this is one of the most awaited sequels to the Suicide Squad (2016). The film is set in a time when a Nazi-era prison holds political prisoners and conducts experiments on them. Imprisoned convicts from Task Force X are now sent on a sentence- reducing mission to save these prisoners. The film promises to be an action-packed thriller with some amazing performances and racy sequences.


Dune is a science fiction film that ventures to explore the mysteries of the universe. Set in the far future, the plot follows Dune, who is appointed as the explorer of a dangerous desert planet which is the only source of a magic substance that extends human life and makes it possible for humans to travel faster than light. The plot with its minimal available details is already exciting. It will be even more exciting to see how they create this visual experience and hook us to the screens with their creative expression. All these elements make Dune yet another promising release of 2021.

Mission Impossible 7

The 7th installment of the MI film series, this is an action spy film that has fans the world over in anticipation. Slated for release in November 2021, the film was shot under many constraints due to the Covid-19 protocol. The history of the other MI films promises this one also to be on the same track in terms of its excellence. Action, curiosity, style, and violence come together in this spy thriller that will surely be one that tops the other films in the franchise in terms of making.

The Matrix 4

The 4th installment in the Matrix series, the film has Keanu Reeves in the lead. The plot of the film has been kept under the wraps by the crew and that only makes the wait more exciting. Scheduled for release in December 2021. The film is an intriguing take on the events following the Matrix franchise, 20 years from the last.

Last Night in Soho

Set to be released in April 2021, this is a psychological horror film that is being awaited by movie lovers. The film follows a young woman, an aspiring fashion designer who mysteriously enters into the 1960s to meet her idol, a wannabe singer. The story is set in London and showcases how London in the 1960s was starkly different. Her venturing into the 1960s has consequences and the film promises to take us through some really immersive psychological sequences that are bound to upset, intrigue as well as mesmerise us.

10 Amazing Films to Wait for in 2021

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